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My passion for Korean food is uncanny, something about how they put different materials together to make the dishes so refreshing and satisfying always amaze me so it’s no doubt that I was thrilled when the contemporary Korean restaurant, MOMOJEIN, invited me to try the new menu. We've tried alsmost a dozen of dishes during the meal but here some of my favourites to share with you.

Before talking about the amazing menu, let’s talk about the restaurant itself. The highly reputable restaurant is located at QRE Plaza in Wan Chai, helmed by Korean chef Lim Hee Won, reinvents a number of long standing Korean classic dishes with new preparation methods and delicately artful presentations. Chef Lim also gained public’s attention after a handful of TV appearances in Korea.


First thing first, the Spicy Bell Pepper Tuna ($162) is a cold dish inspired by an iconic tuna tin-food product in Korea. Soaked in hot chilli sauce, the tuna with a sweet and spicy flavour has long been a favourite tin food in Korea. MOMOJEIN uses fresh tuna to re-invent this long-loved classic. The dish is not as spicy as it sounds and it’s refreshing for summer especially.

And here it comes one of my favourite from the new menu, Yukhoe ($178, photo on top) which is a traditional raw beef dish in Korea and it’s quite similar to Beef tartare. The raw beef seasoned with sesame oil, black pepper and soy sauce is traditionally served with raw egg and fresh pear slices. The taste is sweet and tangy and even better pair with the taipioca & seaweed crisp. I literally asked for more when our plate is finished because it’s so delicious!


For the main course, we had Kalbi & Grilled Vegetables ($390) both USDA prime graded beef and vegetables are grilled with charcoal. This dish is definitely more western style but lighter than steak and subtle smoky aroma. I’m sure meat lovers will enjoy this. Besides, the Smoke Pork Belly ($350) uses Iberico Pork from Spain and marinated with Korean bean paste and Korean Jung Jong (wine) firstly then slow cooked with bay leaves in a vacuum bag at 72 degrees for 12 hours. The slow cooked pork is roasted over fire fueled with straw imported from Korea before it is transferred to a clay pot are briefly lit at the dining table upon serving, it is served with coarse sea salt and an assortment of preserved sides.


Last but not least, we were served with the prettiest dessert ever – Baesuk Sherbet. Baesuk Sherbet ($88) is a refreshing summer dish reinvented from the traditional pear dessert, Baesuk. Fresh Korean pears are boiled in a sweet soup made with cinnamon, ginger, honey and sugar. It also has a layer of homemade basil jelly inside. Not to mention that it has real flower petal for garnish, talking about a perfect ending of a meal.

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