What to Eat


Inspired by the sweltering heat of Hong Kong summers, the mixologists at VEA have concocted new summer cocktails in the four categories sweet, sour, savoury and strong. Featuring flavourful and complex ingredients, cocktails such as Nothing But Flowers (HK $120), Rhubarb "Parfait" (HK $120), and Bowl Fashioned (HK $120) are sure to grab your attention. 

In addition to this, the Martini By Kirill Runkov boasts contrasting flavour profiles in the categories cream, earthy, fresh fruit, grass, marine and roasted. Served up in special glasses, these drinkable art pieces are another choice available to freshen up at VEA on a hot summer day.

Address: 29th Floor, 198 Wellington St, Central
Opening Hours: Daily (6:45pm - 12pm)
Phone: +852 2711 8639


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