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No cages. No hormones. No fuss. Newly opened Little Birdy serves up fresh, tasty free range rotisserie chicken in Sheung Wan.

If you have the experience by living on your own, it’s basically a known fact that rotisserie chickens are a perfect solution for meals especially if you don’t have much time to cook –  they’re pre-made, they last for a week, they’re always tasty, you can make them with various dishes: pasta, fried rice, sandwiches, casserole, soup noodles…etc.so many more options. They’re also a great alternative for Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner for smaller group so it’s good to hear that there’s a new specialised shop for that and it’s even a better because of the fact that it’s heathier since the chicken grow with no cages or hormones.

Little Birdy does not only brings suburban Australian rotisserie chicken but also superfood salads,
handcrafted sandwiches. If you’re feeling a bit naughty, there are also no-so-healthy served in store: DG’s Chicken & Waffles, The Heisenberg and Thriller burgers.

Can’t wait to try? Visit their store to buy takeaway or sit in for a casual meal.

Address: 15-17 New Street, Sheung Wan. See more information here.



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