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I cannot believe La Maison du Chocolat was founded only 40 years ago – the French chocolatier has been many people’s favoured choice for gift giving and a treat for sweat tooths themselves for many years. On the 40th Anniversary, they really think out of the box to celebrate.

At La Maison, signature taste is a matter of sensations. La Maison never fails to put its unique stamp on chocolate, recognizable by all. By nuancing taste, La Maison perfects the expression of chocolate on the palate, seizing the moment where nothing is ever superfluous. From Quito (1977) to Nérolie 2017 the mastery of chocolate is an endless source of infinite pleasure and a continued inspiration over La Maison du Chocolat 40 years of creations.

Quito, intense round flavour
Delicate, full-rounded flavour envelops this silky dark ganache tempered with subtle notes of milk and vanilla.

Salvador, an air of raspberry
An ode to pure fruit and chocolate. The natural acidity of raspberry, brimming with panache, lends even more character to this dark chocolate ganache with its round, fruity flavour.

Bohème, a breath of milk
The lusciousness of milk chocolate ganache with an air of Chantilly and its deliciously silky character.

Pomme d’amour, a nod to country fairs
Compote of apples enrobed in light caramel offers this milk chocolate the inimitable sensation of the cooked sugar of a candy apple.

Dentelle, a balance of crunchiness and airiness
All the subtlety of a delicate pure hazelnut Maison praliné with slivers of crispy crêpes.

Néroli, the freshness of a flower, the sweetness of fruit
Where sweet Mara des Bois strawberry compote and orange blossom rendezvous in a dark chocolate ganache.

“Grands Carrés” – HKD 90; Pack of 6 “Grands Carrés” (as the photo on top) – HKD 520

The Limited Collection will be available from 11 October 2017 at all La Maison du Chocolat boutiques in Hong Kong and their e-boutique.


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