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Hullett House  at 1881 Heritage is easily to be considered the most beautiful building in Hong Kong - the former Marine Police Headquarters Compound was constructed in 1884 and was redeveloped in 2009. Nowadays, the colonial site is not only popular wedding shoot but also one of favourite dinning place. I was given a tour last month to its relaunched restaurants and I’m utterly impressed.


First of all, we were introduced to the Heritage Parlour where you can enjoy afternoon tea and the view of the top floor at same time. Entering there is like travelling back to 19th century which means it’s perfectly named. Heritage Parlour presents the Hullett House Cultural Blend Afternoon Tea Set  (HK$438 for 2) in the relaunch period.  The tea set  features  Indian, Cantonese and  British cultures in the characteristic sweets and  savories such as Beef Wellington, Curry Tuna Tartine, Chinese Doghnut and Indian Mango Pudding. Vegeterian version is also available for the same price.


Then, we were led to the Marine Bay which is a bar with reserved cells inside the bar and you can actually bring the drinks and food in the dim cells, the experience is both creepy and entertaining. Cocktail drinks are inspired by the prison theme: Moonbeam (HK$118), Lost in the cell (HK$118), Filthy Pirates (HK$118) and Mariners’ Bay (HK$118).


Skewers from from HK$38 to $80

The Stable is a little hidden gem in the corner of the courtyard. You can hardly tell that it used to be a horse stable and then it was renovated to be this stylish grill restaurant. The kitchen serves mouth-watering grilled dishes and skewers in front of the guest in a casual atmosphere.


Garoupa Fillets and Bencurd Steamed with Minced Red Pepper in Spicy Sauce (HK$388)


Stir-Fried Rosmarino with Diced Barbecued Pork and Vegetables in Shrimp Oil (HK$68 per person)

Hoi Wan Heen is also located at the courtyard in Hullett House. In this restaurant, you get a taste of different regions from China - the chef plays around with different Chinese cuisines with inspirations from various cooking styles. Dishes such as Stir-Fried Rosmarino with Diced Barbecued Pork and Vegetables in Shrimp Oil and Sautéed Lobster with Udon in Black Truffle Sauce perfectly embodied the spirit of Chinese fusion.

All of these restaurants represent Hong Kong‘s diverse cultural influence which we are proud of. I can imagine both locals and foreigners will enjoy having meals and drinks in this beautiful historical structure, away from the crowd and soaked in the memory of good old days in Hong Kong.

Address: 1881 Heritage, 2A Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

Heritage Parlour
Tel: 3988 0101
Opening Hours:
Mon–Friday: 12noon–10pm (Fri till 11pm)
Sat, Sun & PHs: 11am–10pm (Sat till 11pm)
Tea set: 2:30pm–5:30pm everyday

Mariners’ Bay
Tel: 3988 0103
Opening Hours:
Sun–Thur: 2pm–11pm
Fri, Sat & PHs: 2pm–11pm

The Stable
Tel: 3988 0104
Opening Hours:
Sun–Thur: 12noon–2:30pm; 6pm–10pm
Fri, Sat & PHs: 12noon–2:30pm; 6pm–11pm

Hoi Wan Heen 凱芸軒
Tel: 3988 0000
Opening Date: Oct 1, 2017 (tentatively)




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