What to Eat


12,000 Francs, a sharing restaurant and wine bar in the heart of SoHo, will be featuring grass-fed English beef from East Anglia this 11 August to 11 September. Famed for the distinctive, juicy flavour, grass-fed beef is high in nutrients an antioxidants as well as being lower in saturated fats, and has a more pronounced flavour than grain-fed beef. The cattle are also raised in a stress-free environment and feature unique marbling and amazing flavour.

Dishes such as "Lucullus", a layered terrine of foie gras and house smoked English ox-tongue, as well as the 28 Day Dry-Aged Picanha Steak are featured on the seasonal menu.

Seasonal menu "Best of English Beef for 2 people" is available for $450 per person.

Address: Elgin Building, 41-43 Elgin St, Central
Hours: Tuesday (5pm-1am) Wednesday-Saturday (12pm-1am)
Phone: 2529 3100

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