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Neo has partnered up with Proof & CO to bring us all a Booze Hunt of epic proportions. 

Participating bars include Happy Paradise, The Pontiac, Beef & Liberty and 001, as well as NEO Cocktail Club. At each venue, competitors will be faced with a challenge, including the likes of beer pong, squeezing as many limes as possible, a blacklight search for an invisible ink stamp, and Foosball, among other tasks, and be required to down a drink before being able to progress to the next round. Winners will be awarded the ultimate cash prize of HK $1,000.

Address: 10 Shin Hing Street, Hong Kong (just off Hollywood Road, above Gough Street)
Event Time: Thursday, 22 June from 7:00pm
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday (6pm – midnight)
Phone: +852 2812-2280