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It’s starting to get cold in Hong Kong and I cannot be happier especially for two reasons: 1) I can layer clothes again 2) holiday season! Yes, there are people who are already making plans for Christmas and Gaucho is one of them. I went to try their Christmas brunch menu last week and here are some of my thoughts.


Mulled Wine

First of all, the menu will be served from 24-26th December at brunch and evening which is flexible for arranging gathering between colleagues, friends and families too. It also provides with different options: food only ($528), food and Veuve Cliquot and cocktails ($768).


Tuna Ceviche

Moreover, the Argentinian restaurant also features some classic festive food and cocktails such as the Lamb Shank with Brussels sprouts, Yorkshire pudding and cranberry gravy (optional), Dulce De Leche Cookie Man, Gingerbread Sour, Mulled Wine…etc. It also include the Argentinian influenced appetizers such as Sea Bass Ceviche (grapefruit, grilled corn, jalapeños and wasabi mayonnaise) and Tuna Ceviche (with guacamole and soy sauce).  I think it’s quite a good balance of refreshing starters and home comforting food. I was thrilled to saw Yorkshire pudding and mulled wine are served because of the fact that they are not easy to find in local scene.

Menu serving time:

24th – 11am-4.00pm and from 6pm onwards, Christmas brunch menu will be served
25th – 11am-4.00pm, Christmas brunch menu will be served, a la carte from 6pm onwards
26th – 11am-4.00pm and from 6pm onwards, Christmas brunch menu will be served

Also that the a la carte menu is available any time/day.

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