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Hong Kong Food News & Reviews

Less than five minutes away from Kennedy Town MTR station, Cafe Siam offers a taste of authentic Thai food that you simply cannot miss. The Michelin-recognized diner is the newest addition to one of Hong Kong’s most rapidly booming suburbs. Here at Cafe Siam you can dig into all things Thai-- from the country’s most celebrated classics, to their newest and most memorable culinary innovations.
Cafe Siam’s latest tasting event features a whopping twelve dishes, each impressive in their own right. Our welcoming drink is one that frequenters of Thailand would immediately recognize. Thailand’s most beloved lime soda, but with an interesting twist. Cafe Siam’s Butterfly Pea Flower Essence and Lime glows a tantalizing shade of purple, thanks to their healthy dose of flower essence. Mildly sweet and sour, the restaurant’s refreshing welcoming drink has easily piqued our interest for more.
First served to our table are few of Cafe Siam’s signature dishes. The small mountain of Peek Gai Tod-- deep fried single bone chicken wings-- has first caught my attention. Crispy and intensely flavoursome, the golden brown wings boast of a unique taste that most fans of Thai food have come for. The instantly recognizable Tom Yum flavour on these part-crunchy, part-tender delectables is nothing short of delicious.
Cafe Siam’s Gai Hor Bai Toey is just as good, and probably all the more tempting for those who are not as into crunchy snacks. Delicately wrapped in Pandanus leaves, these bite-sized delights bring to the table a unique mouth-watering aroma. The marinated, skinless chicken pieces within also preserve their moist nature after cooking, so rest assured you will be amazed by the tenderness and juiciness on your tongue!
Still, there’s no appetizer that does its job quite as well as Cafe Siam’s Signature Siam Salad. Pride of the diner (and deserving of their recommendation), the salad is their culinary team’s own mix and match of greens, tofu, and herbs. Their peanut butter dressing tastes like a tangy Satay sauce-- and it is precisely their sauce that gains this salad its fame. Though the salad looks spicy at first impression (anything sprinkled in red, painted in orange is bound to set my mouth on fire, as my experience goes), it comes up sweet and tangy, which pushes all my buttons just fine.
Since it’s winter time, there’s little else more tempting than Thailand’s most famous Tom Yum Goong. The country’s most renowned prawn soup is masterfully paired with lemongrass and lime leaf. Perfectly matched with an intensely flavoursome soup base, the generous helping of prawn is as fulfilling as a main course. Thankfully, the soup is only moderately spicy, so while it helps counter the chilling weather, it didn’t exterminate my taste buds before I finished the meal.
It’s mighty difficult to rank, but my favorite out of this menu is the Gaeng Khiam Waan. I’ve always been a fan of curry. What makes a dish tick is its rich aroma, and that I’ve always been picky about. Cafe Siam’s green curry rightly deserves their claim of being the most popular dish of all Thai. Served with vegetables, coconut milk, and baby eggplants, the classic remade is extraordinarily aromatic, creamy, and smooth. It’s perfect to pair with any dish on the table, and that curry alone will prompt you to refill your bowl thrice!
To not give Pad Thai an honourable mention would be my fault indeed. Known to be an all-Thai favorite, the classic stir-fried noodles is served with tofu, shrimps, and bean sprouts. The dish is very easy on the eyes, for the culinary team has creatively wrapped the bundle up in an omelette. (I felt bad cutting it, it’s very nicely put together.) The delight of this dish is of course the handful of ground peanuts, which add a wonderful crunchy texture to the dish, in contrast to the softer, chewy noodles. The dish is impressively tasty but very filling, so you’ll likely be stuffed like me by the end of this course!
As the menu implies, Cafe Siam is a casual diner especially suitable for family and friends. The restaurant’s atmosphere matches that goal perfectly. Their cosy decor is a mix of east and west, softened by their warm lighting and a generous use of wooden finishes. Cafe Siam has a welcoming ambience that’ll keep you comfortable and relaxed for hours on end. Next time you’re in and around, be on the lookout for this memorable Thai cuisine-- your family and friends will thank you for an excellent choice!
Address: G/F, 38 Forbes Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.; Saturday, Sunday, & Public Holidays 12:00 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.
Phone No.: 2855 0810
Written by Vivien Au