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Raise Your Glass to Breast Cancer Awareness Cocktail Week this Month


Pinkster Gin had been launched in Hong Kong not long time ago but already so involved with the society, especially helping to raise awareness of breast cancer. From 12th-26th October, when you enjoy a drink from the specially-created menu at Bitters and Sweets, $30 will be donated to HK Breast Cancer Foundation.  What a win-win activity!

La Maison du Chocolat Launches a Limited Collection to Celebrate 40th Anniversary – Icons in King Size


I cannot believe La Maison du Chocolat was founded only 40 years ago – the French chocolatier has been many people’s favoured choice for gift giving and a treat for sweat tooths themselves for many years. On the 40th Anniversary, they really think out of the box to celebrate.

Harry Potter Themed 9¾ Café in Hong Kong – Enter the Wizards' World as Muggles

Photo: 9¾ Café via Facebook

Even the series of novels has ended ten years ago, I’m sure that there are many people like me who still emotionally invested into Harry Potter. In the 20th anniversary of our favourite franchise, there is a Harry Potter themes café in Hong Kong finally. I’m more than thrilled!

Alternative Mid-Autumn Mooncakes or Gift Ideas 2017

It’s only two weeks left until the Mid-Autumn festival which means it’s time plan your family reunion and sort out presents for your friends, families and business associates before it’s too late. This list includes not-so-ordinary gifts and mooncakes that will surely surprise the receivers.

A Glimpse of Hullett House Restaurants Relaunch


Hullett House  at 1881 Heritage is easily to be considered the most beautiful building in Hong Kong - the former Marine Police Headquarters Compound was constructed in 1884 and was redeveloped in 2009. Nowadays, the colonial site is not only popular wedding shoot but also one of favourite dinning place. I was given a tour last month to its relaunched restaurants and I’m utterly impressed.

Best Place to Have Cold Brew Coffee in Hong Kong


Despite the fact that it’s already mid-September, I still frequently find myself desiring a cup of cold brew coffee to cool off myself in the middle of the day. Cold brew coffee is popping everywhere and here are some of our favourites in town.