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Gaucho's Argentinian Christmas Showcase – Brunch and Dinner Menu


It’s starting to get cold in Hong Kong and I cannot be happier especially for two reasons: 1) I can layer clothes again 2) holiday season! Yes, there are people who are already making plans for Christmas and Gaucho is one of them. I went to try their Christmas brunch menu last week and here are some of my thoughts.

Lobster Bar and Grill Launches New Cocktails - Time Travelling Inspired


There are always something about Lobster Bar that make it stands out, the sophisticated interior, the grand piano on the side and freshly named one of the “World’s 50 Best Bars 2017”. However, they don’t seem to stop the bar from pursuit of higher quality and standards in bartending from time to time. In fact, thy have just launched 10 new signature cocktails.

Raise Your Glass to Breast Cancer Awareness Cocktail Week this Month


Pinkster Gin had been launched in Hong Kong not long time ago but already so involved with the society, especially helping to raise awareness of breast cancer. From 12th-26th October, when you enjoy a drink from the specially-created menu at Bitters and Sweets, $30 will be donated to HK Breast Cancer Foundation.  What a win-win activity!

La Maison du Chocolat Launches a Limited Collection to Celebrate 40th Anniversary – Icons in King Size


I cannot believe La Maison du Chocolat was founded only 40 years ago – the French chocolatier has been many people’s favoured choice for gift giving and a treat for sweat tooths themselves for many years. On the 40th Anniversary, they really think out of the box to celebrate.