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Foxglove Introduces New "Mad Men Happy Hour"


Inspired by the TV drama and its 60’s vibe, FOXGLOVE introduces “Mad Men Happy Hour” to bring back obsession of martinis and old fashioned's from the golden age of whisky watering holes and cigars.

9 Best Hot Drink Recipes for Winter

Cold weather warning was issued yesterday and it is predicted that Hong Kong will stay cold throughout the week so stay in and warm! We all know that the best thing to keep you warm is a cup of hot drink (besides hot bath but we will talk about that later). We want to share some really cool and easy-to-make hot drinks recipes so you can make them at home, enjoy!

New Year, New Cocktails in The Envoy

Tea & Biscuit (HK$128)

The bar in The Pottinger hotel Envoy, has a new cocktail menu to kick off 2018 in 3 categories: Tea cocktails, Hot cocktails and Spirit-Free Cocktails.

Gift Guide: Secret Santa and Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

With all the gatherings and parties coming up, it’s easy to forget getting gifts for the host of Christmas party or the colleagues that you have not much connection whatsoever but no worries, here are the places where you can get last minute gifts but will look like they’ve been planned.

Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts for People Who are Hard to Shop For

We all have one or a few friends and families who are slightly harder to gift for many reasons – maybe they’re hard to impress, or they only like very practical presents, or they simply don’t’ want anything at all so we thought out of the box and picked the gifts below that are unique and thoughtful for lovely but picky friends and families.