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Ashley Sutton’s New Project Dear Lilly in IFC

Award-winning designer Ashely Sutton, who’s also the mastermind behind Ophelia, J.Boroski, Iron Fairies and Yojimbo, revealed his latest and the most ambitious project: Dear Lily and it is now open on the roof of IFC mall.

Review: Greater China Club’s Exclusive Contemporary French Cuisine Menu with and Chef Masahito Kawabata


One foreign friend once told me that Hong Kong has the best international cuisine and I didn’t realized that we are so lucky. Greater China Club is a great example of delivering unforgettable fine dining experience of both Cantonese and European cuisine. From now to 7th March 2018, the club-style restaurant has Japanese Chef Masahito Kawabata to present comtemporary French cuisine.

Romantic Meal at Six Tablespoons Number 2 Restaurant & Bar on Valentine’s Day

Good news to those who haven’t booked a table for Valentine’s Day, let me introduce you the newly open restaurant Six Tablespoons Number 2 which has a Mediterranean themed menu for you and your special one. Number 2 is located on a pedestrian street between Hollywood Road and Gough Street, it’s a cozy and romantic restaurant for couples.

Foxglove Introduces New "Mad Men Happy Hour"


Inspired by the TV drama and its 60’s vibe, FOXGLOVE introduces “Mad Men Happy Hour” to bring back obsession of martinis and old fashioned's from the golden age of whisky watering holes and cigars.

9 Best Hot Drink Recipes for Winter

Cold weather warning was issued yesterday and it is predicted that Hong Kong will stay cold throughout the week so stay in and warm! We all know that the best thing to keep you warm is a cup of hot drink (besides hot bath but we will talk about that later). We want to share some really cool and easy-to-make hot drinks recipes so you can make them at home, enjoy!