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Paul Lafayet Autumn Rendezvous Mooncakes Gift Box is here!

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon and that means mooncakes! Funny enough I actually learnt how to make traditional mooncakes many years ago and really enjoyed the process.

Paul Lafayet is offering though something a bit different, a French-inspired mooncake gift box. This was actually first released back in 2015, but now back for the third year as a French styled Tartelette with traditional Chinese mooncakes.

Mango and Passion Fruit White Chocolate Chocolixir by GODIVA

Now this does look tasty!

GODIVA have released a Limited Edition Mango Chocolate Chocolixir for the very hot Summer we are having in Hong Kong. There is mango (my favourite fruit),passion fruit (2nd favourite fruit), white chocolate (love that too) and what looks like some cream, so you can't really go wrong with this awesome combination. Now just one thing left is to try it out ourselves!

Eat 30 Singaporean delights in 30 minutes and it is free!

Satay Inn has launched their ‘Taste of Singapore’ Challenge where you have to eat 30 kinds of Singaporean delights and yes it does include satay, Hokkien popiah, pandan kaya toast, fried carrot cake, Singaporean chilli crab meat accompanied with deep-fried Chinese buns.

Kids’ Pizza Workshop at beachfront restaurant - Cafe Roma

Restaurant Cafe Roma, located in Ma Wan by the beachside invites Children to join the Kids’ Pizza Workshop! Children have the chance to create their own special pizza however they like it! The workshop is with the restaurants Chefs and the children learn to recognise the different colours, shapes and ingredients that go into making an awesome and tasty pizza!

Durian and Green Tea Afternoon Tea Buffet

That is right and Afternoon Tea Buffet with Green Tea and Durian dishes from 1st July to 31st August at Harbour Plaza Metropolis. So basically a lot of green and yellow dishes that look pretty attractive and tasty!

Cinco de Mayo 2018 Parties in Hong Kong – Celebrate with Mexican Food, Margaritas and More


The Mexican festival is next Saturday (perfect timing) and don’t miss the Cinco de Mayo parties in Hong Kong.

Each year on 5th May, Mexican celebrate the day of the victory over the French Army at the Battle of Puebla, on 5th May, 1862. Nowadays, it’s also widely celebrated in U.S. and many countries to promote Mexican culture and cuisine.