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Cafe Siam Review: Family-Friendly Diner for Thai Cuisine Now Open in Kennedy Town

Less than five minutes away from Kennedy Town MTR station, Cafe Siam offers a taste of authentic Thai food that you simply cannot miss. The Michelin-recognized diner is the newest addition to one of Hong Kong’s most rapidly booming suburbs. Here at Cafe Siam you can dig into all things Thai-- from the country’s most celebrated classics, to their newest and most memorable culinary innovations.

Bizou Review: Discover the Taste of New York Amidst the Hustle and Bustle of Hong Kong


It’s Valentine’s Eve. Here at Admiralty, business and politics continue to boom. Prestigious in brand names, luxurious in price tags, the city’s rich and elite gather at the one and only Pacific Place for the highest quality goods this city has to offer. Discover Bizou, brain child of the renowned Michelin starred Chef Magnus Hansson, serving only the most exquisite tastes of American cuisine at Hong Kong’s busiest front.

Enjoy Winter Mania and Australia Day Specials at FRITES


It hasn't felt like winter in Hong Kong for almost two months, has it? Now that the cold weather is finally hitting the city, as all parents go, you may be anxiously wondering where to take your youngsters for a cosy winter's break.

4 Places to Enjoy the Perfect Valentine's Day Dinner

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Are you swallowed up by the pressure of choosing a perfect restaurant among the bazillion options? Here are four suggestions to lighten your burden.



Cha Bei: Contemporary Lifestyle Cafe in Galaxy Macau


Have you ever wished you could merge your favorite stores into one? You know there’s this amazing restaurant right here, the most delectable treats of the country, right here. Not far away there’s a comfortable atrium, a safe haven with sofas and cushions, where you’d invite your best friends to have an afternoon chat. Then there’s that expensive, name brand fashion store, with all the clothes you’d like to discuss, all the way over there. There, suspended mid-vacuum in the next galaxy. Bummer.

Expect the Unexpected at Bayta, Mediterranean Cuisine on Hollywood Road


As a local that's been in and out of Hong Kong, finding a taste that hasn't ever set up camp on my taste buds is a rarity. I've frequented the high end and the low, tried the tastiest of junk food as well as the finest health food in town. For a while it seems that's as big as the world gets. As it turns out, there's a quaint little restaurant at the west end of Hollywood Road that's learned me a thing.

Gift a Coffee Machine to your Loved Ones for CNY, says Nespresso


From left to right: Pixie Clips, Lattissima Touch, Maestria

If red packets are all you're giving out this Chinese New Year, you need to step up your game. Nespresso's giving a much better suggestion. Why not send a coffee machine to your friends and family to celebrate the year of the Rooster?

The Best of Nature Afternoon Tea by Hullett House and CLARINS

The Best of Nature

We've all been there. For many consumers, it's second nature to choose things labelled natural, organic, or preservatives-free. Instinctively we feel that natural products are safer, better. Better to put on our faces, better to put in our mouths.

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