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It all started from a simple thought by surfer Jack O’Neill; the simple desire of just “wanted to surf longer” started the O’Neill brand in 1952. From his first wetsuit to his first surf store, designing and producing booties and leg ropes; this brand not only is an x game activists’ must visit store, but also an expression of the founder’s values of authenticity, progression, dedication, unconventional spirit and joy.


Throughout the past 60 years, O’Neill has expanded their interest from fulfilling pure surfer needs to skier and snowboarder needs; and now even designing to cater to the younger generation’s styling and fashion needs. With their traces found in USA, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and Japan; this is their first retail store in Hong Kong.

Bringing with them not only a raw edgy interior for the new store, but also a collection of artworks titled “The Original Since 1952” to construct an in store heritage and art exhibition.

With a total of 16 artists involved in the project; 10 of them are Hong Kong’s very own individuals, all showcasing their thoughts towards the character of Jack O’Neill through their paintings and drawings.

O’ Neill products are not only functional, but also very pleasing aesthetically. Catering to skiers and snowboarder and other sportsmen who need to stay warm in extreme weathers; technology such as the Hyperdry, Hyperflow and Firewall has been injected into their outer layer constructions. For Hyperdry, moisture created from the body is sucked out for release from the outer layer; keeping the body warm and dry at all times.

For Hyperflow, zippers and pockets are created around the body for ventilation; so even when the wearer is hiking on mountains they do not feel stuffy inside the jacket. Last but not least, the best known technique Firewall by O’Neill assists in keeping the body warm under cold temperatures. With Ergonomic Thermal Insulated lining used, it allows the material to search for the warmest parts of the body and assist in keeping those heats within the jacket.

Apart from jackets, their lifestyle collection is also a highlighted collection for the brand. By using simple color palettes with organic fabrics being tainted by the brush method; tees, open knits, hood sweats as well as shirts are being offered in stores. There is also the interesting sweat that uses fleece as its inner hidden layer to enhance warmth but extinguishes the traditional look that most people repel. All apparels also come for the women’s collection.

LCX 17, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui


Written by Joyce Tsang

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