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Misfit, the hardware company that does high-tech wearable products, is joining hands with BaubleBar to launch the Helena Necklace and Bracelet collection! Think pretty accessories that can measure your daily activities and quality of sleep. These will be perfect for Christmas gifts!



Misfit Flash with BaubleBar Helena Bracelet $583.42HKD & Misfit Flash with BaubleBar Helena Necklace $579.92 (Both available on intl.target.com)

Designed to look like your average everyday jewelry, the Misfit Flash Helena collection is inspired by blooming flowers. The Misfit tracker is placed in the center of the gold pendulum, and the surface decorated in shiny jewels and crystals. It can even be used during exercise with the sports wristband and clip included in the pack.

Not only do they look great throughout the day (the whole day – you don’t have to charge these babies), but they also track your everyday activities including calories burnt and steps + distrance travelled. They can also help you understand your sleeping pattern, a first step to improving your quality of sleep.

The Misfit Flash Helena collection launches on the 29th November on the Target website and stores. Sold for $69.99USD each, each accessory also comes with a Misfit sports wristband and sports clip.

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