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Every season, HKCEC welcomes guests from all around the world to celebrate new designs by global and local designers here in Hong Kong. With countless booths, seminars and workshops; how can one miss the 4 day long line ups of runway shows for Fall Winter? Kicking off the first day of Fashion Week Hong Kong for us is the Designer’s Collection Show 1 in Hall 3FG; including 10 names from Japan, Hong Kong as well as other parts of Asia.


Distinct and very focused on each of their set themes; the collections this season in comparison to the last stands out more vividly in representation of each designer’s unique style. Immediately connecting to the core overview of each collection with their apparent usage of patterns, tailors, colors, as well as stage lightings and music; it was very easy to resonate with each designer’s take for this upcoming season.

First model taking the runway is dressed in Toshiya Oshima’s galactic printed metallic shorts jumpsuit with circular printed stockings and Ninja- like sock shoes which occurs throughout the whole collection.


Like little astronomical guardians; each of them shimmer with a metallic sheen in simple yet layered cuts, with square shaped accessories adorning the neck at times.

Ben Yung at B.yu design plays with a lot of asymmetrical cuts with transparent scarf materials on the all dress collection.

With jungle- reminding floral prints of greens and reds and Egyptian like plating with gold streaks on black silk; my personal favorite is definitely the turquoise x purple horned shoulder dress and the see through dotted dress in black.

With sturdy as well as air flowing materials included in the same collection; the contrast is vivid and the colors are especially striking.

With Ohara, calming shades of blues and nudes took over the whole collection; using pattern prints to highlight certain areas of the look such as the collar and the sides of the waist.

With gem studded collar dresses, jackets and loosely tailored zipped up pencil skirts; the brand’s new collection is perfect not only on the runway but also to be worn on the streets as casual or work wear.

Graduating from the Hong Kong Communication and Art Center majoring in Fashion Design; designer Himkala Limbu gave her models very vivid waist lines in finely tailored night gowns and tube dresses; all in eye catching colors of reds and yellow as well as the classic black.

With interesting little details such as multi belt buckles, glittery linings and short sleeve cuffs in red gem stones; the common constructions are made different at a closer look.

One of my favorite collection in the whole designer show are the heavily Chinese inspired sets by Irene Chan at Time Creation Global. With their logo composed by parts of Chinese characters; the brand went full out with gold threads on red apparels and reinterpretations of the classic Chinese pattern on regenerated qipaos, vests and ponchos.

Completely losing the connotations of being traditional, old school or out- dated; the collection is especially successful because it gives off an unspoken hint of youthfulness and cuteness with the matching red flats and a weightless like appearance.

Masked with clean black dresses on; M.J. Dominquez’s jewelry Collection sparkles against the crisp palette of the model. With bundled statement necklaces of pearls, rocks, crystals and gemstones; each collection is matched with color coordinated earrings and rings also displayed on the models.

Versatile and evidently giving a new edge on something as simple as a black dress; the collection is great for daily matching.

A huge contrast is depicted when the first model for Annie Ling walks out with furry hand cuffs and a blue jumpsuit with a drapery neckline and black blocks on the behind. The whole collection teases audiences with bra tops but furry accessories and big thick jackets in leather and velvet.

With volume dresses and bowler hats; the collection also uses layers of lace on their string tops and skirts.

One of the more extravagant collections here is in fact handmade by Debbie Leung.  With grids and stripes and red details; each outfit looks sturdy and hard but the sheets of fibers in fact gets lifted up by slight movements of the model.

With hats, handbags and accessories incorporated in the collection; the line is a complete set of surprising elements.

Another personal favorite is the Kaung Myat princess like haute couture, each with an elaborate head piece that shines like spot lights within the venue. Optically illusionistic patterns are printed all over the floor touching dresses, matched with singular colored details such as cuffs, brim linings and tube sections.

As a designer specialized in the designs for evening gown and wedding dresses; his current collection mesmerizes the crowd by dressing up the models like real life Thai goddess’ in a modernized outfit of sheers and laces.

As if travelling back in time; the Thet Hnin Aye collection backdrops against images of old ruins and tribal like music. With gold swirl constructions on each model’s head; smooth printed silk wraps against their body like ancient day queens.

By mixing different pattern printed fabrics within one single outfit; a new culture is created yet still strongly connotes with imageries like prints on stone carvings and wall paintings from history.

A relatively long show in the week; this start of Hong Kong Fashion Week for us is more than we can ask for.

See more images of the show HERE.



Written by Joyce Tsang