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AW16: Pick & Mix from High Street and Designer Brands

Autumn is one of those seasons that creeps up on us, and however much we may hate summer, it's going to be hard to say goodbye to all the junk trips and afternoons at the beach. If you need a little something to look forward to though, yep - you guessed it, another wave of must-have fashion items are on their way to your inboxes and magazine pages. Here's our attempt to inspire you, so ladies, get your cards at the ready!

GIVEAWAY: Win a MIZZUE Bag Just In Time For Summer!

We love our readers, and that's why we think it's time to give back! We got you covered with beauty treatments and new clothes last time at our Anniversary Party, but this time, we're going to give your accessories drawer some new additions! Enter the giveaway now - under the cut.

Disney Fans' New Must-Have Accessories

Disney merch are usually very cute, but also not so much for the stylish peeps living the city life. Which is why Coach's new collection calls out to every inner Disney fan. Swap out those adorable keychains and pins for these clean and understated accessories, pronto!

H&M Launches Beauty Range in Hong Kong

I know most people like their brandname makeup products, and I'm no different. But when fast fashion brands (read: Topshop) launches a makeup line, I'm always the first in-line to try these affordable products that are hopefully going to be as good as their apparels. H&M just announced their new beauty range, and their packaging alone already has me convinced! Read on for prices, colours and all the info.

Moleskine Launches New Bag & Wallet Collection

Your favourite notebook brand is now invading the rest of your bag! Moleskine fanatics alike will know that their leather is pretty damn amazing, so why stop at stationery? Check out the new bag & wallet collection under the cut.

Interview with Jasmine Smith: Founder of Raven + Rose

When it comes to fashion in Hong Kong, there's no person better to talk to than Jasmine Smith. Not only did she start the #HKFashionBloggers community, she has grown from being the top personal stylist and fashion blogger in town to now having her own brand - Raven + Rose. Just how did everything come together? We chatted to her about her career, family life, fashion mantras and must-haves.

Deals & Things to Do This Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just a few days away! If you haven't planned your gifts and dinners yet, we've got your back. Read up on all the deals, unique gift ideas and things to do around town, all on one page. You're welcome.

TODAY ONLY: Get On The List for Karen Millen's Private Sale Tomorrow

Which woman doesn't love a good private sale? It usually means heading right for your size rack, grabbing every other thing you see and possibly race that lady next to you just so you get that skirt 80% off. The next sale with Karen Millen is happening tomorrow, and YOU can be on the list!

4 Ways to Pull Off the Underwear-as-Outerwear Look

While wearing underwear as outwear is nothing new since it has picked up popularity a few years ago when Marc Jacobs launched the Louis Vuitton Fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection, it still strikes a chill into many’s hearts. Here are a few easy ways to pull off the look with what you probably have in your wardrobe already.