Famous for not only his ‘Mr Chow’ Chinese restaurants worldwide; he is also a prominent art figure in the US, being a collector as well as a painter himself. Opening his first solo exhibition at Pearl Lam Galleries Hong Kong this January on the 14th until the 8th of March; he shares his love for China and his entanglements to cultural and artistic influences from the experiences he had lived with through his artworks.


For more than 50 years; Chow, who paints with the name ‘Yinghua’ has been separated from his home country and was sent to the UK at a very early age. Right when then Cultural Revolution was happening in China; he was separated from not only his home but also his parents whom he never saw again.


His works, however, do not show any hatred towards China; but shows the importance of such place in his life. With a strong East and West theme within his large scaled mixed- media works; he uses acrylic paint, melted metal and founded items to express the linkage he still has with the heritage of China.

With his complex history and ongoing experiences with China; his works are results of a childhood during the post- war generation, with cross- cultural references involving the usage of Abstract Expressionism with landscape traditions of Chinese ink and calligraphy. Performative, painterly and very powerful; his works are full of details, giving off a mature vibe that reconnects the artist with the culture he calls “home”.

Recipe for a Painter
14 January–8 March, 2014
Monday–Saturday, 10am–7pm

Pearl Lam Galleries
601–605, 6/F, Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central


Written by Joyce Tsang