With a Basquiat like style, Picasso like portrayals and Gaugin like palette; Melbourne artist Amos Duggan was brought up with a fine arts background but quickly spurred himself into the fields of street art for the immense quantity of space it offered and the location’s ability to display his expressions on an easily viewed public platform. Debuting his solo exhibition here in Hong Kong’s Fabrik Gallery; his layered works are not as simple as it seems.



Integrating themes of the rural and urban environment together from his personal experience of moving from a small town called Sunshine Coast to Melbourne as well as merging imageries of animals and human together; Amos Duggan believes that every individual’s identity is based on the evolving of their experience, story, lineage and dreams.

By incorporating these elements into his artworks; the layers and influences one experiences are thus revealed, helping one realize and understand the past that has been experienced in order to create a new future.

Colorful, bold and a bit funny at first glance; his works invite individuals to establish their own little world of relationship and reactions with.

Needless to come to one single conclusion for any of his artworks; just enjoy it visually and fall within the canvases of colorful brush strokes and pick up on little hints of the real world found by your own personal identity at “Break Out”.

"Break Out"
January 15th to February 10th
Fabrik Contemporary Art
1102 Nam Wo Building, 148 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan


Written by Joyce Tsang