It’s like a transcendental experience, seeing corners of the venue being placed with familiar furniture yet encompasses a see through materiality that makes it barely tangible and mystic like. Korean artist Do- Ho Suh brings his specimen collection to Hong Kong for his first ever solo show here. Documenting his various stages in life through building life size versions of the furniture that was living with him at the time; his memories are elegantly displayed on the walls as replicas of light switches, doorknobs and door hinges.


With his childhood in Korea, college life in New York and now his family life in London; each place and each interior space represents a specific timeframe in his life which inaugurates specific emotions, memories and experiences.

Through reconstructing the space in a gallery exhibition; not only does he place emphasis on the unseen life and history that the original items has once encompassed, but also associates with those who views them behind the display glass as a piece of familiar art.


With this time’s exhibition referencing to his apartment in New York City; the artist exclaims that even the placement of the radiator, bathtub, refrigerator, stove and toilet is placed exactly like how it was when he moved into the place.

Made with a see through blue and red fabric; he places them within light boxes to not only aesthetic push the pieces’ physical transparency, but to also subtly remind viewers to focus onto these items out of their general context as pure functional housewares.

Questioning about boundaries of the public and private space, the nature of items and how space structure one’s moments and identity; Do- Ho Suh has clearly redefined the usually neglected furniture as a vital component of one’s life.

Opened from 14 November, 2013 to 25th January 2014
Lehmann Maupin
407 Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong


Written by Joyce Tsang