Truly blending cultures together; the co-held exhibition ‘Confluence’ by Asian artist Sunny Wang and British sculptor David Reekie had just finished executing their 3-day Workshop with the show still on- going for the public until the 30th of November.


Showcasing at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, the show conveys the two different artistic backgrounds through the works of glass installations. Gentle and calming, each piece fosters dialogue between the two artists; with British cartoon traditions and Asian calligraphy being mixed and matched together under the same scope of execution.

With Sunny Wang’s ideas with Zen Buddhism and Japanese stonegardens paired with David Reekie’s unique glass casting method; local artist and designers can easily be benefitted by the inspirational pieces that crosses culture with Hong Kong.This programme is presented by Mur Nomade.

Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre
7A Kennedy Road, Central, Hong Kong
21 - 30 November 2013
11am - 9pm (until 6pm on last day) – closed on Tuesday

Exhibition Tours
Saturday 30 November 2013
Family guided tour (recommended for families with children aged 6 to 12
years old): 11am - 12noon

‘Meet the artists’ & exhibition guided tour (general public): 3 - 4 pm
Free of charge
(852) 6718 7446
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Written by Joyce Tsang