Happened on just the previous weekend of the 16th to the 17th of May, 2014; the Art and Design celebrating festival Chai Wan Mei was hosted with success. In conjunction with participating galleries such as 10 Chancery Lane Art Projects, agnés b.’s LIBRAIRIE GALERIE, AO Vertical & Bookstore, Artify, ilivetomorrow, Platform China, Youth Square and YY9; the event covered a large area of Chai Wan industrial center with countless studios participating in the project.



Walking through a few buildings involved in the festival, we first paid our visit to Chai Wan Industrial City Phase 1. With placements of installments around different floors, we first got up to the 6th floor and saw works by Chloe Cheuk, Jasper Fung, Kanlun Chen and Laura Aris Alvarez.

The first studio we went in was Shao Yinong and Muchen’s spring and autumn exhibit hosted by 10 Chancery Lane Gallery.

The husband and wife duo creates well know photographic series of documents reflecting upon China, including large installations of embroidery works exhibited first time here in Hong Kong.

The second art space is a conjunction exhibiting space for artists Francis Yu Wai Luen, Carol Lee Mei Kuen and Alex Heung Kin Fung with exhibition titled 180°.

With three distinct styles, Francis’ performative and found object interactive pieces, Carol’s family tree and time concept pieces and Alex’s paintings of animals in regarding to the topic of relationships; the three artists are very focused in their realms of art and the combination of them in one space is quite interesting.

Next up, we went to the 14th floor and was surprisingly welcomed by the Frog King, an artist that does a lot of collage works with installations, performances and interactive projects.

Initially based in the Cattle Depot Artist Village, he was invited to come participate at the festival with his unique style of art. With froggy sunglasses there for guests to try on and take photos with; the experience was very memorable and joyful in contrast to the usually quiet exhibition atmosphere.

With artworks hanging in staircases, installations next to lift lobbies and artists free flowing around the venues; the area of the festival was very big and demanded more than a day to walk through and digest in my opinion.

Even though the event has ended already; for those of you yet to discover the amazing works displayed there during the weekend, check out more of our photos here.



Written by Joyce Tsang