It's time to break out the black turtlenecks and Instagram hashtags: art week has officially arrived in Hong Kong. Art Central kicks off this Monday for the public (tip: it's in those big white tents on the Waterfront) and if you haven't snagged your tickets, there's still time to do so. There's over a whopping 100 galleries from all over the world showcasing and here's a few highlights & must-sees.


Damien Hirst, Other Criteria

Booth E6

British artist Damien Hirst's work is coming to the +852 and it's not hard to imagine it'll get snapped up in a flash. He's got a variety of work at Art Central this year, ranging from chemical inspired dotwork to kaleidoscopic butterfly silkscreen prints that'll have you tripping in no time. Probably amongst the most vibrant pieces at the fair.

Jeffrey Gibson, Marc Straus Gallery

Booth E5

Speaking of vibrant work, artist Jeffrey Gibson's Native American roots carry across to his bold beaded pieces. Despite the abundance of colour, his sculptures and beadwork belie an anger and loss regarding the erosion of Native American culture. If a punching bag covered in tribal patterns and the words 'A Very Easy Death' don't speak to artistic rage, I don't know what does.

Ryan Hewett, .M Contemporary

Booth D7

You can't go a day without seeing somebody's heavily filtered selfie, so South African painter Ryan Hewett's abstract portraits are a breath of fresh air. He's a master of the palette knife and his dark brooding pieces reinvent ordinary and famous faces like Barack Obama in beautiful messes, channelling emotion in every smear.

Jacky Tsai, Cat Street Gallery

Booth D1

Showing with Hong Kong's own Cat Street Gallery, Chinese pop artist Jacky Tsai is one to keep an eye on. He's been a hot ticket since designing Alexander McQueen's signature floral skull, but he's branched out since with quirky lacquers that incorporate comic heroes. His gorgeous prints and witty plays on traditional Asian art ensure this booth will be a busy one.

Shen Wei: Dance Strokes, Asia Society

You're going to have to trek out of Art Central's humongous circus tents to catch Shen Wei's performances, but it's going to be worth it. Held only on 25/26 March at Asia Society Hong Kong Center, Shen Wei and his iconic dance company will bring a blank canvas to life in a movement piece full of ink and energy. (Note: you have to RSVP to see the live performance.) Alternatively, you can check out the end results as an exhibition held from now till 4th April.

Shi Zhongying, Red Gate Gallery

Booth D3

Shi Zhongying is back with his reinterpretations of classic Buddha statues, opting for sculptures akin to molecular structures and piercing wireframes to explore the relationship between iconography and modern Buddhism. Also represented by the same gallery, Li Xiaofeng's fractured porcelain suits are also worth taking a gander at.

To see all the other galleries and artists, head on over to the full programme here. And if you're planning on catching a bite or some bubbly at Art Central, check out your options here. Now go on and skidaddle, the fair's only running until the 26th.

Written by Megan Hills

Megan Hills is a freelance writer and blogger at Give Me Chills. Born and raised in Hong Kong, her work has been published by numerous lifestyle verticals including The Culture Trip, SOY Journal and Sassy Hong Kong. ​

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