Put the proxies away everyone, Netflix has finally come to Hong Kong. We’ve put together a little guide to some of the best shows to chill with, from laugh out loud comedy to edge-of-your-seat action. While the selection’s a little limited at the moment and a few big players are missing - seriously, where’s House of Cards?there’s lots worth binge watching.

Master of None

Comedian Aziz Ansari’s putting his writing to the test in his wittily realised show about living in NYC. Dev, an actor and kickass pasta maker, doesn’t know what he wants professionally, romantically, socially… everything’s pretty much a big question mark for him at this point. With hilarious and moving explorations of second generation children, racism in the acting world and how to love someone, it’s beautifully relatable and one of the standout comedies of 2015. Plus, you get to see Aziz Ansari’s real parents upstage their son.


Set in turbulent Hell’s Kitchen (think less Ramsay and more Marvel), blind lawyer Matt Murdock decides to set up his own rundown law firm with his friend, Foggy Nelson. He moonlights as a vigilante and pisses off all the wrong people – including elusive crime boss Wilson Fisk. The nail-biting fallibility of Matt Murdock, portrayed with charm and reckless abandon by Cox, makes the show stand out; it’s refreshing to see a superhero who still has a hell of a lot to learn. 

Making a Murderer

What would you do if you went to prison, but were innocent? This psychological documentary follows the true story of Steven Avery, a man wrongfully jailed for 18 years for sexual assault. After filing a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the county, he was found accused of the murder of Teresa Halbach in a suspicious turn of events. Each episode uncovers discrepancies and the darker corners of America’s justice system, making it a conspiracy junkie’s wet dream. Fans of Serial will love this one.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Written and directed by Tina Fey, this offbeat comedy is just as hilarious as you’d expect. Kimmy Schmidt’s life is nothing short of insane: she’s been kidnapped by a religious fanatic (Jon Hamm) as a child, trapped in a hidden bunker for years and made to think the world outside has ended. After being broken out, she heads to New York where her view of the world is in for a rude awakening. While the premise sounds dark, it’s full of joy, ridiculous characters and Fey’s trademark insanity. Still bitter about that Golden Globes snub though.

Jessica Jones

Finally, the female superhero we’ve all been waiting for. Jessica Jones, a gruff private investigator with a drinking problem, confronts her past when supervillain Kilgrave (David Tennant) returns. Having experienced his power to control people with just a word, despite her powers Jessica Jones is torn between running for the hills and fighting at every turn. With exciting characters like Luke Cage popping up, it’s a gritty introspection on trauma with ass kicking and whiskey thrown in. We can’t wait for the Daredevil x Jessica Jones spin offs.

Written by Megan Hills

Megan Hills is a freelance writer and blogger at Give Me Chills. Born and raised in Hong Kong, her work has been published by numerous lifestyle verticals including The Culture Trip, SOY Journal and Sassy Hong Kong. ​