We are obsessed with the beauty of online shopping – you can take all the time you need and avoid all the unnecessary and poor customer service at the stores (that you definitely do not deserve) – shopping has never been this easy and enjoyable! There’s quite a few of popular websites that people go to these days and some of them could be a bit more challenging if you are still a newbie e-shopper.  Following the Korean trend, we have picked G-Market for this tutorial – if you are interested in how to shop on the site, follow our guides and let us take you to a whole new world! So read on and check out our Guide to Gmarket!


Gmarket is a Korean online shopping site, where people around the world buy and sell goods and services – pretty much like Taobao from China.  Clothes, beauty products, appliances, computers, furniture, equipment, vehicles, and other miscellaneous items like gorgeous accessories and iphone cases.  Even big Korean companies like LG and Samsung sell their products there! However, not all of the sellers offer worldwide delivery so you will have to check carefully upon checkouts.



Create an account before or after you’ve selected all your items – either way would work.


Make sure you're on the English version of the site (top right) and start your treasure hunting. You can choose what you're looking for under "All Categories" or search for something specific in the search bar.  Click on what you find interesting (only those with an airplane icon ship internationally) and you have just entered this online store owned by a specific seller.  From there you will see all the items listed by the seller.

TIP: While scrolling down, simply click “Bookmark” to save the item and you can go back to it later if you're not sure yet (this will save you a ton of time)!


Here's the more tricky part: When you select your item and try to put them into the cart, it may occur to you that not every seller lists their items numerically. See the difference here:

Items Listed With numbers

Items Listed Without numbers

Product Information

Things are a lot easier and straightforward for the items listed with numbers – simply choose the items you want with the desired colour and size, click “Add to cart” then they should be in your shopping cart!

For those without numbers – all you have to do is to scroll down to the session with the description of the items, copy the names of colours in Korean to Google Translate, then you will know what colour to select.  Some of the stores do list the colours in English in the Product Information – simply click on the images of the items and another window will pop out with all the details you need to know.

TIP: If the product information is part of the image and can't be copied, but you're dying for that dress, you can try and mimic the writings next to the product of desire on a piece of paper (usually the colour and model). Match the writing to the drop-down when you're selecting the model to add to cart. Voila!


Go to your shopping cart and review the items selected – keep in mind that they all offer International Shipping! Check carefully if you’ve chosen the correct colour and size, then click proceed to checkout.


Just like how you do it on any other websites – select your payment method under Payment Information then enter the details accordingly (remember to check the total amount including shipping fee in HKD!).  Click Submit My Order and you’re done!

Here are some other tips for online shopping:

  • When purchasing, the connection should change from HTTP to HTTPS – make sure to check before proceeding to pay!
  • Sign up for Verified by Visa if you plan to pay with a Visa card – this SMS service sends a pass code to your phone so you can complete your online purchase.
  • Always keep your order number in record and check your bank statement – you know, just in case.
  • Do we have to remind you to check the return policy and procedure?

Tips above courtesy of Visa Hong Kong Limited

See? Shopping on Gmarket is actually pretty easy, and now you can enjoy all the boutique quality goodies at a fraction of the price! Go on a haul to save on shipping or just buy a few to test the waters. Happy shopping, ladies!

Written by Kelsy Li