The remake of Disney classic Mulan is highly anticipated and talked from the start of production, from the rumor of there’ll be no songs in it (director Niki Caro clarified that the film will include music), the concern of whitewashing and most importantly, who is going to play Mulan? Today, the Disney fans and all the 90’s kids are thrilled to find out American Chinese actress Liu Yifei is chosen to be the lead of new Mulan film over thousands of candidates.  A lot of you may not know her but you will from now.

She speaks in fluent English

Liu moved to New York with her mother when she’s 10 and studied there for 5 years and that explains her English speaking skill which is one of main quality that the casting team of Mulan looking for.

She can sing

Yes, she’s multi-talented! She sang in a few of the theme songs of films that she starred in which will be useful in the upcoming Disney film.


She knows how to fight in martial arts (sort of)

Liu is no stranger to martial arts. In fact, she’s exposed in martial arts and action in her drama series such as The Return of the Condor Heroes from early time in her career. To prepare the production of The Forbidden Kingdom, she went to practice martial arts in Los Angelos.

She is an animal lover

She started to take care of abandoned dogs and cats on the street privately from 2011. She has more than 40 cats at home and she also help the cats to find new owner and home after they’re healed.

It’s not her first time starring in Hollywood films

She starred in her first Hollywood production The Forbidden Kingdom in 2008 alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li then an action film Outcast with Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen in 2014. Her other international film projects also includes Night Peacock (2016) and The Chinese Widow (2017).


Liu Yifei seems like the perfect choice for role of Mulan indeed. I’m so looking forward to see how the remake of Mulan is going to be!