Women can never have enough shoes... or iPhone cases. Whether you are the play safe type, the stylish one, the minimalist or the OTT fan, we have got you covered! We understand that the hunt for the perfect iPhone case is like hunting for a new LBD, but there's no the one when it comes to accessorizing. That is why we have rounded up some pretty (and) awesome cases to save you some leg work!


Are you one of the careless girls who throws her phone everywhere?  You should know by now, not every surface you throw your phone on is as soft as your bed. Strong and protective phone cases may not be the prettiest case you’d find but they will certainly give your iPhone the coverage and protection it needs, and trust us, you'll need it.


From left to right: Commuter Series Case for iPhone 6 $45USD (~$350HKD); Defender Series Case for iPhone 6 $60USD (~$465HKD); Symmetery Series Case for iPhone 6 $45USD (~$350HKD)

Pros: Available in three models: Commuter, Defender, and one-piece Symmetery.  Among the three models, Commuter and Defender gain the most attention because not only they keep your iPhone safe, but the design also gives the lighting port and headphone jack extra protection
Cons: It shows off the apple logo (could be a pro?), and it can be pretty thick and heavy compared to 0.33mm cases.

Available at various stores across the city, find the nearest store on their website


From left to right: iPhone 6 Case Slim Armor S (4.7) in Champagne Gold $298HKD; iPhone 6 Case Aluminum Fit (4.7) in Satin Silver $298HKD; iPhone 6 Case Style Armor (4.7) in Sherbet Pink $358HKD

Pros: The brand’s iconic Tough Armor is definitely something you’d enjoy if you are looking for drop protective case with a comparatively slimmer design.  The size of the case might be tinnier but it provides the same level of protection you’d get with the bulkier Otterbox!
Cons: Not so sure about you, but we don’t find the design appealing – even though they have their cases in pink and turquoise (sold out atm), the design still appears to be a bit too manly for girls.

Available online & in stores across the city, find a store via their website here


Don’t really care how protective your case is as long as it's pretty? Alrighty, here are some cases that are so pretty it actually hurts. (Also if and when you drop your phone... it'll probably hurt real bad.)

Kate Spade

From left to right: In Full Bloom Resin iPhone 6 Case $40USD (~$310HKD); Love is in the Air Resin iPhone 6 Case ($334HKD via Nordstrom); Oversized Bow Gem Resin iPhone 6 Case ($376HKD via Nordstrom)

Pros: Fashionable and bright cases from Kate Spade will never disappoint with their witty sayings! Aren't they just adorable?! Some even wraps round all the sides, so you'll get some protection after all.
Cons: We’d say the cases are slightly overpriced for its quality ($380-400HKD in KS stores), but you will have to deal with the price tag until you find a knock-off from pushcarts at CWB & Wanchai.

Available in Kate Spade stores and also sites like Nordstrom. But if you're shopping online, do keep an eye on the shipping rates!

Marc by Marc Jacobs

From left to right: Metallic Embossed MBMJ iPhone 6 Case $42USD (~$325HKD); Foil iPhone 6 Case $38USD (~$295HKD); Flight Tag iPhone 6 Case $38USD (~$295HKD)

Pros: Another designer brand that has cool cases for all the fashionistas – MBMJ knows how to play the game with patterns and textures, plus metallic is IN this season!
Cons: Some of the cases do not cover all the edges (if that is one of your concerns), plus the metallic paint may come off with prolonged use.

Available at their stores (and on Taobao maybe...)

Skinny Dip London

From left to right: iPhone 6 Popcorn case £15.00 (~$175HKD); iPhone 6 Gold Pineapple Case £12.00 (~$140HKD); iPhone 6 Pizza Case £12.00 (~$140HKD)

Pros: Food and unicorn on transparent cases.
Cons: Food and unicorn on transparent cases, unless you're between the age of 9-18. Oh and also shipping is pretty expensive too.

Available online & also certain Topshop outlets if you have friends or fam in the UK!


Things look the best at their simplest –  and no one understands this better than the minimalists.  If you are looking for simple and classic cases that shows off the original design of the iPhone, here are the brands you should check out.


From left to right: O!coat 0.3 Jelly for iPhone 6 $20.99USD (~$165HKD); O!coat Macaron for iPhone 6 $18.99USD (~$150HKD); O!coat 0.3+Folio for iPhone 6 $29.99USD (~$230HKD)

Pros: The brand is famous for their slim, light and invisible case that is also anti-shock and anti-scratch.  Minimal design complements the original iPhone shape, making it protective AND pretty!
Cons: You get stains and dirt on the case easily and the white or transparent plastic ones will turn yellowish as time passes (good things never last... sob!)

Available on their online store, Apple online store or their local stockists


From left to right: Bumpies in Pink $24USD (Around $186HKD); Bumpies in Black (Around $186HKD); Bumpies in Orange (Around $186HKD)

Pros: Not that you could really count Bumpies as a case – they’re little stick-on corners that protect your phone’s extremities, and do it almost invisibly – so minimal that they disappear, yet so smart they perform most of the function of a regular case (impressive!)
Cons: Once they’re on they’re on! Plus it is $24USD for four tiny pieces of impressive plastic, but plastic nonetheless.

Available via their website


Maybe the size of the iPhone is a bit too small for you to look for inside your handbag, or maybe you just enjoy showing off the OTT case in public. Either way, if size matters, these are for you.


From left to right: Explode in DIAOK? For iPhone 6 $25USD (~$195HKD); Splat in Coloured Paints for iPhone 6 $30USD (~$230HKD); Wristlet Clutch in Snowflake Sonata for iPhone 6 $50USD (~$390HKD)

Pros: Silicone case fans would love this brand as most of their cases are made of soft rubber, plus there's a collection for each side of you, whether you wanna tell people to F off or make your phone look like a box of Pocky. Some even comes with a cross-body chain or wrist band!
Cons: It's like Marmite, you either love it or hate it.

Available at their physical stores in CWB or their online store


From left to right: Teddy Bear iPhone 6 case ($43USD via Farfetched); Mirror iPhone 6 case ($61USD via Farfetched)

Pros: Pretty, eye-catching, fancy, and fashionable enough for those who are looking for something a bit more high-end. Best part? You won’t need your mirror anymore.
Cons: Not so practical we would say – you will have to go back to your ordinary case if you want to go with a clutch that day.

Available at their store in Landmark or online via Shopbop, Net-a-porter (same day delivery!), Farfetched etc.

Do you have anymore case suggestions? We'd love to know!

Written by Kelsy Li