Netflix Partnered with YG Entertainment For a New Comedy Reality Show featuring Bigbang’s Seungri

YG Entertainment arguably has the most talented entertainers in Korea e.g. Bigbang, Psy, CL, Blackpink, Zion. T…etc. so it is such an exciting news to Kpop fans that Netflix teamed up with YG Entertainment and they are launching YG Future Strategy Office (FSO), a new Netflix Original Series.

Everything You Need to Know about Liu Yifei – The Lead of New Live-Action Mulan

The remake of Disney classic Mulan is highly anticipated and talked from the start of production, from the rumor of there’ll be no songs in it (director Niki Caro clarified that the film will include music), the concern of whitewashing and most importantly, who is going to play Mulan? Today, the Disney fans and all the 90’s kids are thrilled to find out American Chinese actress Liu Yifei is chosen to be the lead of new Mulan film over thousands of candidates.  A lot of you may not know her but you will from now.