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Beauty -

We girls wear our hair differently every day--high ponytails, loose buns, pigtails, the list goes on. Have you ever imagined changing the style of your brows in a similar fashion--regularly and on a whim? Benefit's new enter "Total Brow Package"  is exactly based upon this crazy yet ingenious idea.

From April 1st onwards, you'd get to try out one of four signature brow styles on your face. The talented beauty experts at Benefit's BrowBar will begin with usual shaping and trimming with facial wax, then proceed on to transforming your brows into the WOW! Brow Style of your choice with the help of the new Benefit brow products.

These four WOW! Brow Styles are hand-picked by the Benefit Headquarters in San Francesco for being distinguishably unique while still easily wearable. Here's a sneak peek at each of them:  

enter Natural Brows

This works for everybody as it accentuates our natural brow shapes. This look can be easily accomplished with the Goof Proof Brow Pencil. Available in 6 shades, you can fill in and outline with the pencil's slanted tip to reach sophisticated perfection. Bold and Angular Brows

This style is especially suited to girls with long, angular faces. The vantagefx Brow Zings taming and shaping kit is precisely the tool for the job. The darker shade eyebrow wax allows you to carve out the prominent arch and refined end, while the lighter powder serves the purpose of blending, creating the flawless dramatic definition to go with more glamorous makeup looks.  

follow url Feathered Brows

Favoured by top models and celebrities, this could easily be the most on-trend style now.  The ultra-fine tip of the go to site Precisely, My Brow Pencil is made for fill out your brows with intricate lines, flushing them up to look like lush elegant feathers. Straight Brows

We Asians are familiar with the widely popular straight brows, originated from the K-pop industry. The highly pigmented günstig binäre optionen handeln Ka-Brow! cream gel colour allows you to effortlessly reshape and straighten out your brows, creating this chic, youthful look. 

Take your time to pick a favourite now, and be amazed by the transformative experience at Benefit's BrowBar. Let the revamped brow waxing and grooming service be the start to your daring exploration. You might just find another go-to style along the way.


follow link Total Brow Package--Brow service and Brow grooming (drawing) service--HK$170

go to link Goof Proof Brow Pencil (Available in 6 shades)--HK$230
Brow Zings taming & shaping kit (Available in 6 shades)--HK$315
Precisely, My Brow Pencil (Available in 6 shades)--HK$230
Ka-Brow! cream-gel color (Available in 6 shades)--HK$235


go to site Benefit Cosmetics:
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Written by Sharon Yeung



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