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It’s the age of 4K. Great news for tech fans, but for us makeup gurus? Not so much. Ultra high resolution spells a battleground for us skin-conscious soldiers. Trouble is, it’s instant death if we’re geared wrong, and I’ve witnessed disasters (I am one, time and again). If you’re looking for the right gear though, here’s my personal recommendation: Benefit’s POREfessional collection. It’s time to stand up to the HD camera. Rise and be picture POREfect in 4K!

If you're interested in what I hereby recommend, here's some background info. The misfortune of being me is that I have incredibly sensitive skin. It’s blessed with massive breakouts, spontaneous rashes, and excessive drying. Since my teenage years, the age of rampant hormones, I’ve also acquired a priceless asset-- pores. Large, gaping, volcano-like pores, remnants of my dark middle school days. This is why the POREfessional kit has such a profound effect on my minefield of a face. It is, best concluded, a life-saving solution.

The POREfessional collection is a selection of absolute must-haves: the Matte Rescue Gel, the Face Primer, the Pore Minimizing Makeup, and Agent Zero Shine. Together they form the Deathly Hallows of cosmetics.

As someone who suffers from Bad Hair Day every day of the week, I have a painful habit of showering in the mornings. On winter days I boil myself without knowing, and as I emerge from the showers tomato-skinned, I race to my mirror cabinet for POREfessional’s Matte Rescue Gel. I dab into the baby blue gel and rub it all over my face. The cooling effect is instant. Red patches leave the scene. For once in my life, I have zero bumps on my cheeks. I zoom in on tiptoes, and already the most noticeable pores on the tip of my nose are gone.

But my routine has just begun. For some long years I was ignorance personified. I’ve never known the need for primers, never used them, always considered them an extra rip-off. Now that I’ve known POREfessional’s Face Primer, I am never going back. For starters, it’s a great base for my everyday makeup. The super lightweight primer has a teeny bit of concealing effect, and it’s not caked onto my face like Italian plaster. The best part is, a few months back I have on a whim bought a drugstore concealer that sits like oil on water, transforming me into a reverse panda. Now that I have my magical primer on, the concealer actually spreads even, so I can have one skin tone instead of eight. How wonderful is that!

Fast forward thirty seconds, I’ve dabbed all sorts of blemish-erasing paint over my face, and contoured enough to pass as someone else at airport security. The last cream (or last three layers of cream) have left me a tad shiny, so I pick up my Pore Minimizing Makeup. The double-ended tool has a built-in sponge. I squeeze a drop of tinted formula on the mound and start dabbing it all over. Again, you will not believe the effectiveness of these things. A second earlier I’m as reflective as aluminium foil, then a second passes and I’m instantly mattified. The effect is as good as Gaussian Blur on Photoshop, and no I don’t leave the house without POREfessional.

I’m out. The morning hours pass, I’m fab for a while. Except I’ve got naturally oily skin, so by late afternoon it decides to play traitor again. The sheen that I’ve subdued for many hours creeps up on me again-- but this time I’m prepared. Shutting the door to the washroom I pick up POREfessional’s Agent Zero Shine. I twist the cap open, tap the built-in brush into powder, sweep it across my face, and voila! Crisis averted. I’m back to my non-shiny self, and not a single pore is visible. I hate to say, but I look pretty flawless-- I daydream, as I spend more working minutes staring into the mirror. Every few hours I apply a light layer of Agent Zero Shine-- it doesn’t tickle, doesn’t cause an outbreak, just keeps my oily skin tamed and smooth. It’s the end of a stressful Monday, and I’m still good for selfies.

As someone who’s borderline obsessed with makeup, I’ve experimented with as many drugstore steals as brand name luxuries. So far I’ve yet come across facial makeup as effective and camera-friendly as Benefit’s POREfessional collection. If you ever face a pore problem again, be sure to visit Benefit. Their POREfessionals will keep your skin smoother than smooth, and keep you 4K-ready no matter what time of the day!

Benefit Cosmetics:
Shop No. B206A, Basement 2, Times Square, Causeway Bay (Phone No.: 2110 9528)
Shop B1-11H, SOGO, 555 Hennessey Road, Causeway Bay (Phone No.: 2831 3964)
Shop G34B, Lee Tung Avenue, No. 200 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai (Phone No.: 3621 0598)
Lab Concept Faces, Queensway Plaza, 93 Queensway (Phone No.: 2116 9857)
No. 25D, G/F Shop, 13-15, Hoi Kwong Street, Quarry Bay (Phone No.: 3579 4000)
G/F No. 22, Lyndhurst Terrance, Central (Phone No.: 2157 0398)
Shop 201, 2/F, Stanley Plaza, Stanley (Phone No.: 3621 0909)
Shop No. 31, Level 2, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Kowloon (Phone No.: 3427 9582)
FACES, Harbor City, Tsim Sha Tsui (Phone No.: 2110 3495)
Shop G35, Telford Plaza I, Kowloon Bay (Phone No.: 3572 0282)
Shop UG55, Olympian City 2, Olympian City, Kowloon (Phone No.: 3621 0036)
Shop No. 279A, Level 2, Plaza Hollywood, Diamond Hill (Phone No.: 2114 0599)
Shop A383, L3, New Town Plaza Phase 3, Shatin (Phone No.: 2604 3603)
Shop 1037-1039, 1/F, Tuen Mun Town Plaza Phase 1, Tuen Mun (Phone No.: 3427 3222)
BT-207 & 208, L2, Tsuen Wan Plaza, 4-30 Tai Pa Street, Tsuen Wan (Phone No.: 2621 2107)

Written by Vivien Au