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It's the wonderful time of Spring again when trees start sprouting fresh leaves and flowers began to bloom. Yet to us girls, it is easily the worst time of year when allergies fire up causing clogged noses and angry irritated skin. Here are three skincare lines to assist you to combat the latter problem and get you through this season with perfect skin.

With a new patented formula, Eau Thermale Avène boasts of going back to the basic essentials with their new Tolérance Extrême line, which includes a cleansing lotion, emulsion, cream, and mask. Opting for ingredients that mirrors the human skin structure, while rejecting the use of preservatives, paraben, emulsifier and fragrance, Avène aims to hydrate your skin in the purest, irritation-free way.


Tolérance Cleansing Lotion (200ml, HK$280)
Tolérance Emulsion (50ml, HK$260)
Tolérance Cream (50ml, HK$260)
Tolérance Mask (50ml, HK$260)


Pure Lano Natural Skincare aims to restore the natural glow to your face with natural ingredients like acai, apple extracts and Cocoa Seed oils accompanied with the hero ingredient of Lanolin,  providing a boost of Vitamin C as well as lush hydration to your skin. Start off with the refreshing Complete Cleanser, followed by the nurture provided by the Anti Aging Revitalizing Creme and Eye Serum. Treat your whole body to a thorough scrub with the Sea Salt Exfoliator, then slather on a layer of the Ultra Moisture Body Creme to complete a full body detox session.


Pure Lano Natural Complete Cleanser (HKD$325)
Pure Lano Natural Anti-Aging Revitalizing Creme (HKD$525)
Pure Lano Natural Eye Serum (HKD$540)
Pure Lano Natural Sea Salt Exfoliator (HKD$395)
Pure Lano Natural Ultra Moisturizing Body Creme (HKD$300)


The London brand Aromatheraphy Associates comes up with a line of Inner Strength Soothing Skincare based on the belief that redness and inflammation are caused by the weakening of the skin's defence. The botanical active ingredients and essential oils like the Camomile  Essential Oil found within the products promise to calm your mind and sooth your skin. The line comes with Cleansing Balm,  serum, face oil, moisturiser and repair mask, each look to strengthen your skin's fort against the extra stress from the change in weather.


Inner Strength Soothing Cleansing Balm (200ml, HK$540)
Inner Strength Soothing Serum (50ml, HK$660)
Inner Strength Soothing Face Oil (15ml, HK$630)
Inner Strength Skin Recovery Moisturiser (50ml, HK$770)
Inner Strength Soothing Repair Mask (100ml, HK$760)



Written by Sharon Yeung

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