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The 4 WOW! Brow Styles--Benefit's New Brow Waxing and Grooming Package

We girls wear our hair differently every day--high ponytails, loose buns, pigtails, the list goes on. Have you ever imagined changing the style of your brows in a similar fashion--regularly and on a whim? Benefit's new "Total Brow Package"  is exactly based upon this crazy yet ingenious idea.

Sharp Colours with Lasting Wear-- Urban Decay's Vice Liquid Lipstick

Having rocked the makeup world with their Vice Lipsticks, Urban Decay has just launched the collection in the form of liquid lipsticks. It continues to stun with a total of 18 richly pigmented colours ranging from the natural nudes to bold purples and blacks. The Vice Liquid Lipsticks will surely find a unique spot within your lipstick stash.

3 Skincare Brands to Try this Spring

It's the wonderful time of Spring again when trees start sprouting fresh leaves and flowers began to bloom. Yet to us girls, it is easily the worst time of year when allergies fire up causing clogged noses and angry irritated skin. Here are three skincare lines to assist you to combat the latter problem and get you through this season with perfect skin.

Feel Good Inside Out with Fancl's BC Night Intensive Cream

Is the hectic city lifestyle weighing you down? With scarcely any time for rest and relaxation, a flawless outlook could easily be our last forte. Fancl, widely-known for diligently keeping their products free from preservatives, has something up their sleeves just for you.

Review: Flawless in High Definition: Benefit's POREfessional Collection will Keep You Camera-Ready 24/7!


It’s the age of 4K. Great news for tech fans, but for us makeup gurus? Not so much. Ultra high resolution spells a battleground for us skin-conscious soldiers. Trouble is, it’s instant death if we’re geared wrong, and I’ve witnessed disasters (I am one, time and again). If you’re looking for the right gear though, here’s my personal recommendation: Benefit’s POREfessional collection. It’s time to stand up to the HD camera. Rise and be picture POREfect in 4K!

4 Best Lipsticks for Chinese New Year

Christian Louboutin

We’ve all got to look our best for Chinese New Year. Trouble is, no look is complete without the perfect lip shade. To save you the hassle, compiled below are the most anticipated tints that have just surfaced in Hong Kong. Featured here are our favourites from Christian Louboutin, Estée Lauder, Shu Uemura, and 3CE. Choose your own, or better yet, treat yourself and get them all! 

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