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Interactive art pieces are still rare in Hong Kong. Viewers are still relatively segregated from art pieces and almost never have the chance to touch them or experience them with more than their eyes. Or, people just sneakily interact with pieces that are marked off from touching; which is even worse than having works that do not encourage physical interactions at all.




This fall though, Times Square is breaking the boundaries between viewers and artworks by introducing a series of sculptural, video as well as painting pieces by Japanese artist Yoskay Yamamoto to brighten up the mall’s outdoor area and the ground floor atrium. As if peeking through water, little half exposed heads surround the mall; with the biggest two depicting a boy and a girl’s head flashing in colors of orange and yellow like a pumpkin. 6 meters tall, they contain an interior where other works are placed, along with a wishing tree inside the boy’s head.

Taking from traditional Japanese customs; the artist enjoys the fact that people are interacting with the space by having their wishes written on wooden boards and paper to be hung on railings when they visit temples in Japan. Carrying such a concept; he also wishes for his works to encourage the same expression. His works are not prohibited from touching, and even encourages viewers to take pictures with the smaller heads by sitting on them.  Other sculptural pieces from his collection are displayed indoors for viewing; but the most he wishes to happen is for each viewer to interact with the pieces to create for themselves a unique experience with the artworks.

Yoskay Yamamoto Wish to Meet You One Day Exhibition

September 27th to October 31st
8am – 10pm


Written by Joyce Tsang

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