Art and Entertainment


Starting from the 20th to the 28th of November; the first ever series of art gallery collaborative projects by Hong Kong art galleries are to be released. During the week, publics can be involved in different artistic opportunities through attending talks, gallery tours and artist’s studio visits; with events covering the whole of Hong Kong spanning from the Kwai Chung area to the Hong Kong Island.



With all the bigger art shows claiming success here in Hong Kong, other artistic souls within the local industry have decided to start something a bit smaller and more intimate to pull closer the relationship between the society and art. The culture of art gallery tours is widely recognized and frequently held in New York, Berlin and Beijing; but have yet to be seen happening in Hong Kong. Thus, the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association has decided to execute such a project for the galleries here to show their presence to not only the local community but also to travelling tourists from around the world.

Majorly revolving around the showcase of contemporary artworks; this year’s specific theme is “China”, combining a lot of Chinese artists’ works, Chinese art critics and Chinese art gallery founders together for talks and discussions. Free, and opened for public; keep yourself posted on their website for specific dates and run down of programs.



Written by Joyce Tsang