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It’s the time of year again for deTour. Let’s see what’s in store...


Hong Kong’s annual design festival returns once again to PMQ from 25 November to 4 December with a whole new playful side. Themed “Game Changer,” it references true innovation as well as how smart designs can be fun and interactive at the same time. 

From over 20 pop-up exhibitions and installations, 40 workshops, guided tours and more than 60 satellite events dotted throughout the city, here’s three must-see things to check out during the 10 days:

1) Ping Bing Pong

Local graphic artist group Trilingua is behind this installation, which is a pretty ingenious way of involving play in a seemingly unchangeable object. The humble ping pong table is now circular, so players can play in any direction they want. Look out for it at PMQ (or even try to join a game)...

2) Bokusho 

Blending the kind of avant garde calligraphic painting that arose during Japan’s post-war era with contemporary ink painting, Japanese director of design Shun Kawakami’s piece “Bokusho” (see header image) is an immersive experience where you can weave in and out of floor length scrolls, each depicting fantastic ink forests and alphabet brushstrokes. If anything, it certainly makes a breathtaking selfie!

3) Resonance Aura IV

Part therapeutic, and totally mesmerising, is the “Resonance Aura IV” moving light sculpture by Hong Kong new media art collective XCEED, the fourth one in their series. Combined with the use of singing bowls with the sound aimed at the historic Solfeggio frequencies (thought to have been used in sacred music, and supposedly helps alleviate feelings of guilt and fear), the sculpture is just what Hongkongers need during a stressful work week.

Article by Evelyn Lok

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