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You may or may not heard of the exciting news: Crazy Horse Paris is now on show at Parisian Macao until 12 November and we went backstage to meet the “crazy girls” and were given a tour to backstage last week. They showed us their glamorous wardrobes and Christian Louboutin shoes collection and chatted.


P: Press; T: Taina, member of Crazy Girls; F: Frank Paquet, The Tour Director

P: I know it’s your first time performing in Macau, can you tell us what’s your personal favourite part of choreography of the show?

T: It has different themes so it’s a nice varied show but personally one of my favourites is the opening number. It’s a really strong number to do and it’s nice to do it with a group of girls and feel the strength. It’s short but a strong opening and that’s why we love doing this one.


P: And which part do find the most challenging to perform?

T: We have solo performances and you can imagine they’re more challenging because you have all the focus on you so you have tried and interact with the character. There’s part  where we actually control the light and you have to pay attention to all the small details and movements from head to toe.

P: I’ve seen footage of crazy girls doing their makeup at backstage. Do you do your makeup yourselves or you have makeup artist to help? And how long does it take?

T: We do it ourselves! We have training in Paris when we first started and they showed us the (crazy girls’) style of makeup and we started to do it ourselves at some point. We are quite used to it now since we’ve been doing it for years so it only takes us about half an hour to get ready, not long.

P: All of your dresses and suits are very beautiful! Can you tell us more them?

T: The costumes are all handmade specifically for each girl so there’s no pass me down and they fit our bodies’ measure. We have a wardrobe lady who’s here with us every night and she looks after the costumes such as cleaning soles of the shoes and each diamond on the outfit.


F: Any reason why you bring Crazy Horse to Macau?

Macau is becoming the centre of entertainment, just like Las Vegas in US and the show itself is quite unique and it’s difficult for people to expect what it is until they see it.

Q: Since the venue is comparatively smaller and Asian audience can be a bit shy, do you feel more stressful about the audience’s response in Macau?

A: Absolutely! The show is based on French cabaret culture which is more open in that sense so we try to adapt it to the local audience as much as we can but what we try to deliver here and everywhere we go is that the show is not about nudity. It’s more about presentation of the beauty of female bodies and what they can do. It can be quite shocking to some people in Asia but I can assure them that it’s not bad at all but a very beautiful thing to watch and I would like to invite them to come and see for themselves.

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