Art and Entertainment

Confluence Exhibition at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

Truly blending cultures together; the co-held exhibition ‘Confluence’ by Asian artist Sunny Wang and British sculptor David Reekie had just finished executing their 3-day Workshop with the show still on- going for the public until the 30th of November.

First Ever Hong Kong Art Gallery Week Opens this Week

With its opening reception happening successfully at Duddell’s on the 19th of November; the Hong Kong Art Gallery officially kicks in from the 20th of November to the 28 of November, covering 60 galleries and 40 members of the association across areas such as Sheung Wan, Central, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen, Happy Valley, Wan Chai, Tsuen Wan and Chai Wan. This debuting event welcomes art lovers as well as the general public to attend, with amazing line ups of art talks, seminars and studio visits showcasing different exhibitions around Hong Kong.

Yinka Shonibare MBE (RA) first solo exhibition in Hong Kong: Dreaming Rich

Utterly amazed by the vibrant colors of the faceless figure bending down with countless cakes on his back just as I enter the gallery space; it does not take longer than a split second to realize that the Dreaming Rich exhibition will not only be offering aesthetic fulfillment but also deep explorations of the issues which the artist sees in the current world.

Do- Ho Suh’s First Solo Show in Lehmann Maupin, Hong Kong

It’s like a transcendental experience, seeing corners of the venue being placed with familiar furniture yet encompasses a see through materiality that makes it barely tangible and mystic like. Korean artist Do- Ho Suh brings his specimen collection to Hong Kong for his first ever solo show here. Documenting his various stages in life through building life size versions of the furniture that was living with him at the time; his memories are elegantly displayed on the walls as replicas of light switches, doorknobs and door hinges.

New Urban Design Competition - What does the future hold for Sai Wan?

Local family stores, temples, apartments and students from the neighboring University; every single drop defines the unique beauty of Sai Wan. With developments kicking in, immense change for the urban scape and community in this energetic district is inevitable. How do we achieve a balance, between the authenticities of the area with the progression for improvements? Beautiful Sai Wan and XXX Gallery has decided to team up and invite local and international urban designers to vision Sai Wan in 20 years’ time via joining their “Your Urban Design Vision – Sai Wan 20 Yrs Fast Forward”.

Marc Quinn’s Held by Desire Exhibition at White Cube Hong Kong

Romantic, static but moving with emotions; March Quinn’s expressions works into the mind of the viewers. Whether it be his previous sculpture of pregnant Alison Lapper who was born without arms, or his large replica of shells built with the technology of 3D scanning; they all represent his exploration into the relationship between man and nature and the intriguing question of where art actually fits in, as a creation or as a discovery.

Hong Kong Art Gallery Week

Starting from the 20th to the 28th of November; the first ever series of art gallery collaborative projects by Hong Kong art galleries are to be released. During the week, publics can be involved in different artistic opportunities through attending talks, gallery tours and artist’s studio visits; with events covering the whole of Hong Kong spanning from the Kwai Chung area to the Hong Kong Island.

Holiday Gift Ideas by Blank

Want something special but not a DIY person yourself? Want something personalized but tired of getting the same old alphabet bracelets and printed apparels? Have a bare looking wall but nothing unique enough to make you reach in your wallet for it? This 2009 founded company Blank has just released 3 designs this October perfect as gifts for others or just for yourself to decorate your interiors with. Affordable and easily purchased via www.blankbespokeart.com, consider a canvas print by them for the next Christmas or house warming present instead.

Sandro Botticelli’s Venus at University Museum and Art Gallery and Interview with Miss Alessandra Schiavo

The romantic envision of a Greek and Roman mythology beauty was given life during the extensively growing era of the Renaissance in Italy by Master Botticelli during year 1482. This first sketch spurred a whole series to come; marking an important advancement in the history of art and doubtlessly becoming one of the national treasures of Italy to this day. It is a piece of exquisite antique, but also a contributor for the new beginnings that era saw at the time between the 14th and the 17th century in Europe.   Glowing with beauty and expressive skills, this piece not only marked the end of the historical Dark Age in Florence; but also shines brightly for the presence of Italy in our modern community in Hong Kong.


2014 HK Arts Festival Kick-off Press Conference

“Better be 3 hours early than 1 minute late” was the quote from Shakespeare the press conference used to close with, promoting everyone to get their tickets to any of the 138 performances taking place during Hong Kong’s 2014 Arts Festival next year. With 20 shows premiering in the festival and 16 others taking place for its first time in Asia; the festival is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most anticipated event in Hong Kong, if not in all regions of Asia.


Featured Artists in Asia Contemporary Art Show Fall 2013

Asia Contemporary Art Show hits again this season at JW Marriott Hotel, showcasing 72 art galleries with a total of 300 artists’ works for sale. Originals, limited editions, sculptural pieces and photography pieces are included in the grand total of 2000 art pieces, ready for purchase from the 4th to the 6th for the general public. Consuming a total of 4 floors in the hotel; expect a wide range of quality works to be seen.