Art and Entertainment

Sovereign Asian Art Prize Finalists Exhibition Unveiled in Hong Kong

Chosen by a professional judging panel of world recognized art professionals; The Sovereign Art Foundation presents 30 shortlisted finalists from across Asia to compete in the 10th edition of The Sovereign Asian Art Prize, with works exhibiting at Exchange Square until the 8th of May.

Chai Wan Mei 2014: Art and Design Festival May

This creative festival held ever since 2012 is proud to present its third year running exhibitions with more than 60 artists showcasing their works in 40 art studios over a course of 2 days during May 2014.

Indian Art Exhibition “Divine Interventions” in Hong Kong

Indian art obtains special spiritual powers unlike any other forms of art as they most often incorporate images of the divine within their creative expressions.  Whereas Western art can be completely independent from spiritual matters; Indian art always make use of the spiritual world within their art pieces, giving it distinct divinity. Titled Divine Interventions, a series of Indian artworks will be exhibited here in Hong Kong for a total of 4 days at the HK Visual Arts Centre to explore the ability of encompassing divinity within a piece of artwork.

Sculptures for Double Cove on Display at ifc Mall

Curated by contemporary artist and planning consultant William Lim; a series of Double Cove inspired artworks will be on display at ifc mall from the 24th of April to the 29th of April 2014.
These natural environment themed works under the exhibition title ‘Symphony of Nature’ explores the relationship between human beings and nature through the medium of sculpture; emphasizing on the species found on land, ocean and sky.

Thomas Lamadieu’s Skyart

Welcoming Le French May this year, young French artist Thomas Lamadieu has been invited to Hong Kong and participate in the event by collaborating with The East, exhibiting a series of his works from the collection “Skyart”.

WYNG Masters Award Finalists’ Exhibition in Hong Kong

It’s there, intangible, but vital to our living. It’s important, but constantly contaminated by the city, making our lives vulnerable for survival. The topic for WYNG Masters Award this year is “Air”; and not only is it investigating in its cancer causing ability from pollution, it’s also hoping to raise awareness in such an important topic via the art of photography.

“A Heritage into the Future – Hong Kong Ceramics – Wun Yiu” Contemporary Art Exhibition

The eight latest ceramic practitioners who have just graduated from their Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) program formed the “Hong Kong Wu Yiu Project”; whom together with the Hong Kong Art School and RMIT University, Australia will be presenting the latest exhibition “A Heritage into the Future – Hong Kong Ceramics – Wun Yiu” this April, 2014.

Kiehl’s World First Art Marathon with 41 Celebrity teams and Artist James Jarvis

Titled “Drawing for a Better World”, an official distance of 42.195 km trail around Fashion Walk Hong Kong has been constructed with sideway display stands for those who took and will be taking part in creating a drawing for the “run”. Working with 41 guest celebrities including names like Wilfred Lau, Elanne Kwong, Stephanie Cheng, Icy Wong, Kitty Yuen, C AllStar, BabyJohn and Dear Jane just to name a few; British’s James Jarvis will be constantly drawing in Kiehl’s pop up store for the campaign.