Art and Entertainment

Solo Exhibition of Alexander Zakharov: Mini Tales

Painter of works owned by Nicholas Cage, Whoopi Goldberg and David Bowie is having his solo exhibition here in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Hosted by AP Contemporary, the artist has brought along all his miniature friends; ones who represent his childhood memories. Like a lot of others, artist Alexander Zakharov can’t let go of the fantastical periods during youth, when imagination ran wide and only “sky was the limit”. Growing up bothered him, and in order to secure the feelings of childhood, he produces these paintings filled with small animal characters to continue the journey of innocence for him.


Melanie Comber: Tourist Exhibition

Exhibited across the UK, with her participation in the group show “The British Cut” in Hong Kong last year; Melanie Comber has returned with her first Solo exhibition in Hong Kong hosted by the Cat Street Gallery. Starting on the 16th of April, 12 of her paintings are to be showcased in the gallery, depicting environments of neither definitive as being a pure abstraction or an aerial photograph.

Quixotic Gallery - Hanging art in your home

Hanging art in your home adds the perfect finishing touch to your interior, allowing you to express your style and reflect your personality. The guys over at Quixotic Gallery specialize in turning your photos into high quality images on canvas, which can be used to personalize your space. Printing photos on canvas allows you to cherish and display your most memorable experiences in a modern and stylish manner.

BMW Art Car by Jeff Koons Unveiled at ART HK 11

The latest in a 35 year long run of BMW art cars was unveiled at ART HK 11 yesterday. The M3 GT2 was conceived by celebrated American artist Jeff Koons with a multi-coloured theme and will be showcased for four days from 26 – 29 May.