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Oleg Tselkov – Unofficial Art Contemporary Art Exhibition

Opened just on the 23rd of May, Oleg Tselkov’s Unofficial Art will be on at AP Contemporary until the 30th of June. From Moscow, he is an artist that made his name from his activism in the underground and his persistence in going through the suppression on experimental art during the 60s and 70s in the Soviet Union. By sticking to his type of ‘formalism’ art, he was frowned upon by the society amongst other underground young artists and was expelled from art school where he went onto exile in Paris.

Art Basel 2013 Review

Literally overwhelmed by the amount of works that were on display at Art Basel 2013; I only managed to finish digesting one floor worth of works before my watch strike 5. Visiting on the last day of the event, a lot of other guests were also trying to engulf as much artistic inspiration as they can.  Cannot really judge on the whole fair since I only went to half of it; I have to say the half I saw was quite mind blowing. Not only are stalls so close to each other, with a new piece of work within each step; almost every piece of work clicked even without much written information accompanying it.

The Innovationists at K11 Review

It’s an art weekend! Not only do we have the Art Basel and countless art shows on the Hong Kong side to visit; we also have the K11 new media art exhibition in Kowloon for people of interest. Situated on the ground floor as well as the exhibition space upstairs, quite a range of works were on display.

Paul Davies Blow Up Exhibition at The Cat Street Gallery

The colorful architecture is strangely juxtaposed with a lack of domesticity, imposed with layers that strengthens the depth of the image but reinforces a feeling static time for the environment. Bold clear blocks used to depict the subject freezes the space much like portraiture, allowing the breathless space to secure its stance within a created context of nature.

Keith Haring / RETNA Exhibition in Hong Kong

With a very similar breath taking style of repeated lines of symbols and patterns; works of street artist Keith Haring and RETNA has been collected by art entrepreneur Andy Valmorbida for a pop up exhibition here in Hong Kong on the 23rd of May. Opened for one night only, the exhibition is not to be missed by fans nor public who are not familiar with the works.

Yoshitaka Amano in the 55th Venice Biennale

In the current era where animation and cartoon play such a dominant role in the realm of entertainment; artists have evidently became influenced by the culture where inspirations from those mediums are transformed into components of which are incorporated into their expressions of art. Yoshitaka Amano is one of the pioneers in merging the two together, creating a new style named “Animamix” which marks a new stage in the timeline of contemporary art.

Abstract Dimension: Paintings by Prodip

Like a Kinder Surprise Egg, the first layer your get is the long time recognized LMF member, under that is a local painter, illustrator and graphic designer, and at the core is an artist who challenges the limitations of what art really means, like any artists who has been debating about ever since anybody can remember.

Adidas Do Over 2013 Hong Kong

Just the previous Sunday, I was trooping down Sai Ying Pun in search of my destination by following the noises “thump thump” from the music bass. Just around the corner, there are already numerous trendy looking groups of people with drinks in their hands, head bobbing with a smile. Instead of being greeted with a huge Adidas Do Over sign, it was a small hidden area with a small gate entrance, followed by heaps of people in the lineup. Much like an underground house party, the place was packed, heated with energy, with the great music that most of us were there for.

Link Art International presents Art Fair Hong Kong

With Art HK and other art fairs like Affordable art fair achieving great success with lots of exposure in Hong Kong; Art Fair Hong Kong held by Link art International is destined to also leave a big mark in the local art market. Opening on the 24th of May, a total of 50 International Galleries will be hosted, exhibiting their shows and projects to the public.

Asia Contemporary Art Show 2013 is coming soon

Landing in Hong Kong from May 23rd to 26th, 17 countries have devoted their collection of works to be displayed in JW Marriot Hotel’s top four floors as features in the Asia Contemporary Art Show by Art Basel Hong Kong. Ranging from photography pieces to sculptures to paintings; a jury panel of 8 is empowered with the decision to give out a HK$80,000 prize to the selected artist, bridging contemporary artists from around the world and local elites together through this event.