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A Cultural Itinerary of Hong Kong


A meeting point between the East and West where Chinese traditions, European colonialism and the legacy of widespread trade have shaped a unique culture over thousands of years, Hong Kong is a fascinating place to explore. It has world-famous architecture, incredible cuisine, and various artistic events to enjoy.

Realism VS the Abstract in the Asia Contemporary Art Show 2017

Faced with a blank canvas, modern day artists have to answer the question of they want to portray the subject matter at hand. You'll witness an intriguing negotiation between realism and abstract by modern day artists as you navigate through the Asia Contemporary Art Show 2017.

Reasons Why You Should Start Watching Netflix's Glow


The new Netflix series GLOW (it stands for “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling”) which is inspired by a real TV show aired in 80s has been stirring conversation and has already confirmed to renew Season 2. If you wondering what’s the hype or haven’t started to binge-watch it, here are the reasons why you should put it on your list.

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