Tips and Toes at Chuan Spa Langham Place Hotel


While all of us are brimming with job-related tension or at the very least foot fatigue, headache and stiff hands, the first thing that comes to mind would probably be a super stimulating massage.

Forest Bird Launches New Cafe on Staunton St.

When I heard Forest Bird opened its doors, I immediately loved the whole concept of an airy cafe combined with a women's clothing boutique – French dessert and designer clothes, what more can a girl want!
The super cosy three-storey boutique store is the newest addition to Staunton Street and was founded and designed by the very fashion passionate Ulrike Pohl. The interior of this tres chic boutique reflects her background in architecture, interior design and taste for high-fashion.

Moshi Moshi- Retro Handsets

We’re not exactly sure if prolonged use of your mobile can give you but perhaps it’s better to be on the safe side.