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Review: Flawless in High Definition: Benefit's POREfessional Collection will Keep You Camera-Ready 24/7!


It’s the age of 4K. Great news for tech fans, but for us makeup gurus? Not so much. Ultra high resolution spells a battleground for us skin-conscious soldiers. Trouble is, it’s instant death if we’re geared wrong, and I’ve witnessed disasters (I am one, time and again). If you’re looking for the right gear though, here’s my personal recommendation: Benefit’s POREfessional collection. It’s time to stand up to the HD camera. Rise and be picture POREfect in 4K!

I am Vengeance, I am the Night, I am LEGO Batman! And Sidekick

Is it tougher being Batman, or being a Dad? We haven’t heard from Batfleck yet, but LEGO Batman may already have the answer. Our best tempered Dark Knight is hitting the big screens in Hong Kong on February 9. This time, he’s brought along an assistant.

4 Best Lipsticks for Chinese New Year

Christian Louboutin

We’ve all got to look our best for Chinese New Year. Trouble is, no look is complete without the perfect lip shade. To save you the hassle, compiled below are the most anticipated tints that have just surfaced in Hong Kong. Featured here are our favourites from Christian Louboutin, Estée Lauder, Shu Uemura, and 3CE. Choose your own, or better yet, treat yourself and get them all! 

La La Land Movie Review: Hollywood’s Golden Age is Back Online (and More Glamorous than Ever!)

No wonder this musical is nominated for a whopping 14 Oscars. La La Land premiered last week in Hong Kong, right before the Rooster’s first crow this 2017. Starring the iconic duo from the 2011 rom-com Crazy, Stupid, Love and the 2013 crime thriller Gangster Squad, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are back on screen proving that their chemistry is stronger than ever.

Enjoy Flotation Therapy at Float On, at 30% Off

Float On

Wouldn't it be great if we could reap the benefits of sports without committing to long hours of running? If instead of panting on a treadmill, we could be at peace enough to drift off to a few hours of nap?

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