With space being so precious here in Hong Kong – you can never have enough of room for all your belongings (not to mention that bike, or skateboard, or any other equipments that are required for that exclusive habit of yours – unnecessary things that you’ve bought a few years back but only used twice). Let’s face it: We have mastered the art of shopping, but organizing? Not so much. If you have no idea how to make room for your stuffs, why not simply put everything in boxes and have someone keep them for you – the perfect solutions for girls like us!

The wait is almost over and we are about to show you what exactly you should be expecting from the NIKELAB X SACAI Collection. This historic collaboration of NIKELAB and SACAI is resulting in an 8-piece capsule collection that seamlessly blends the iconic of sport with a touch of feminine and modern edge. Read on and get prepared to hit the stores later!

People who love their food with a fiery kick wouldn’t find Japanese curry challenging at all – in fact, it is sweet in most cases. But here's the kicker... We were recently invited to visit SAMA – a Japanese restaurant hidden at the end of Gough Street in Sheung Wan (yes, we almost missed it too) and it was nothing like your usual gooey mess. Check out what we thought about their spiciest curry and what else was good down below!

It is almost the most exciting weekend in Hong Kong for all the Rugby Seven’s fans! With all the fans coming to Hong Kong from all over world - let’s show them how we do partying here, in our ways. There’s so much to do besides watching the game so make sure you mark these down and make your 7s weekend even more fun. Read on and check out our Hong Kong Sevens To-Do List 2015.

Kudos to jewellery brands who make a simple bracelet full of possibilities – now when you walk into a store and pick a bracelet, it is no longer a bracelet that you are picking, but a combination of charms that represent your personality, character and interest.  Of course, one charm or even one bracelet is not enough, so here’s what you need to complete your charming arm party!

Women can never have enough shoes... or iPhone cases. Whether you are the play safe type, the stylish one, the minimalist or the OTT fan, we have got you covered! We understand that the hunt for the perfect iPhone case is like hunting for a new LBD, but there's no the one when it comes to accessorizing. That is why we have rounded up some pretty (and) awesome cases to save you some leg work!

Converse has just released a whole new (and shinny!) collection of shoes and they are just gorgeous. Yes, we rarely use the word gorg to describe Converse but trust us, you will feel the same way once you see it.  Read on and check out the Converse 2015 Chuck Taylor All Star Metallic Lux Collection!

Let’s make this very short and sweet because we spotted some good deals and new restos you won’t want to miss this month, so here's the checklist you need to be in the know! Read on and check out this month's What’s Cooking!

The beloved Linguini Fini has made its return on Elgin, and it's glorious. It's bigger, it's better, and we adore the convenient spot that's a hop away from the escalators, making it a great spot for lunch and dinner. Oh, and of course not to mention their delish pasta, pizza and sausages that are made from scratch! We hopped on over for lunch and here's what we found...

We are obsessed with the beauty of online shopping – you can take all the time you need and avoid all the unnecessary and poor customer service at the stores (that you definitely do not deserve) – shopping has never been this easy and enjoyable! There’s quite a few of popular websites that people go to these days and some of them could be a bit more challenging if you are still a newbie e-shopper.  Following the Korean trend, we have picked G-Market for this tutorial – if you are interested in how to shop on the site, follow our guides and let us take you to a whole new world! So read on and check out our Guide to Gmarket!

It is all about sporty-chic at COS this spring and summer 2015 – new techniques have been adapted into the production to produce even lighter and fresher pieces that's minimal and wearable. The proportions, prints and patterns are not only playful, but also basic and functional that could be the staples of your everyday look.  Read on and check the COS Spring Summer 2015 Collection – it is simply beautiful!

After Chinese New Year, we can pretty much smell the warmer weather coming along. While you are working hard for the perfect bikini body, don't forget about your wardrobe either! Need some new flip-flops to go with those shorts? We hear you. Check out Havaianas Spring Summer 2015 Collection and start working on that summer shopping list!

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