Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and it’s time to look for a restaurant for that special date with your loved one – our editorial team has again put together the ultimate list for your reference (you’re welcome) and it’s time for you to check them out.  Some of you might not like the idea of dining on V-Day but we will have to say the deals we’ve seen so far are pretty good! (PS we think the ones with * are pretty interesting!)

We LOVE backpacks! Especially ones that are stylish and affordable. Oh, bonus points if it's actually for charity! Yes, that product exists! It's Jean Paul Gaultier's latest collaboration collection with Eastpak. Interested? Read on!

Ladies, it’s time to mark your calendar and plan out your week; and guys, the same apply to you too as you might want to know where to find the ladies in town. Our team have handpicked the best ladies night deals for your convenience, (you’re welcome!) Read on and check them out!

Among the many new restaurants in Soho, Smokey Joe's is another baby from the works of Eclipse Group. Boasting themselves as "The Best Damn BBQ in Hong Kong" (as seen on their Facebook cover photo), the newbie in the Soho area has quite a reputation to live up to. But can they?

It’s all about being organic these days – they’re good for our health and most of us don’t really care if they work as well as the mainstream stuff.  Ilia, a makeup brand that is known for blending superb colour and organic ingredients, just launched its first base makeup with organic teas to change people’s mind.  Read on and check out some tips the founder of Ilia has just revealed about organic makeup… One could be beautiful and healthy at the same time!

We all know it’s still winter and we haven’t even made it to the coldest month yet – but we thought a sneak peak of some colourful spring pieces might just cheer you up!  Take a sneaky break from spread sheets and start planning for that exotic vacay you've always wanted, cause it’s time to get adventurous! Read on and check out the Spring 2015 collection of Kate Spade New York, featuring a whole lot of versatile pieces you can take anywhere and everywhere.

If you are a coffee addict like us and constantly looking for new places for a relaxing afternoon on the weekends, here’s another one to add onto your list.  {sfs} café | lifestyle gallery, located in between of Admiralty and Wan Chai, not only offers coffee, but also different workshops (e.g. Latte Art Workshop) every week.  Read on and be the first one to explore the new café in town!

You love the cooking but hate the washing up... Trust us we're guilty too. Especially in Hong Kong, where the kitchen can only fit about one and a half person, and long working hours makes cooking a chore. Well next time you want to cook up a storm, whether it's for a special occasion or just a small dinner gathering for friends, you can now RENT-A-KITCHEN! No clean-up, no fuss, just cook, eat and go. Interested? Read on!

PH30 Purmotion™ was developed by Olympic athlete, Purmotion™ is a methodology that combines weight lifting and Eastern martial art style of workout, using a systematic way to train different parts of the body, which is similar to athletic loaded training. The best part of Purmotion™ is that it allows you to reduce or eliminate unwanted joint stress and move with high intensity without the worry of being injured. It combines cardio and strength training, so you won’t need to split your workout into two different sessions. Most importantly, it is a full body workout that let you feel your movements, up your fitness results, and increase the fluidity of your movements. Also, our trainers are trained by the founder from Purmotion™, giving you the confidence you need.

You may have already found the perfect pair of rain boots for the unpredictable weather here in Hong Kong.  But what about the rest of your body?  Rain coats gets a fashionable revamp at the hands of the Danish RAINS and they have just introduced three new looks to the world.  Want to stay dry and stylish even on a rainy day? Read on and check out their 2015 Collection right now!

After all the partying and eating over the holidays, what’s a better way to kick start another year than soaking yourself into some delightful and relaxing fragrances?  If you are one of the modern city girls who has too many parties to attend to and has no time left to take care of your skin – the Cath Kidston Winter 2014 Bath & Body Collection might do you the favour.  Read on and check out their beautiful new packaging and see what’s new in store!

Private kitchens have long been hidden all around Hong Kong since a local interest in them surged a few years ago, but now they seem to be making a comeback. Among the new private kitchens around town, Dine-Art is one that offers something more than just delicious homemade dishes. Read on to see what it’s all about!

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